Six Degrees of Dio: Flogging Molly


Flogging Molly is a Celtic punk band that my son (aka Teh Boy) introduced me to a few years ago. Being raised in an Irish upbringing myself I have somewhat of an affinity for Irish music. Flogging Molly combines the two genres very fluidly in my opinion. Now I don’t enjoy a majority of their songs but the ones I do like I really enjoy.

But yes, even these seminal punks have a connection to Dio.


Although he doesn’t like to talk about it from what I understand, Flogging Molly founder and frontman Dave King was the lead singer of the band Fastway. King was in Fastway with Pete Way. Way once played for Ozzy Osbourne’s band. And from here we take our usual route from Ozzy to Sabbath to Dio.

Here’s Flogging Molly with my favorite song of their’s Black Friday Rule.