‘Wicked and selfish’ mother forces adoptive daughter to become pregnant using donor sperm

(Trench’s note: Yes this is a repeat of Aussie’s post here.Why? Becuase I’m an idiot who hasn’t set up any communication between the writers. However since Cobalt Rose was nice enough to write this up I feel it would be disrespectful to her if I did not post it.)


The wicked mother so desperate for another child she inseminated her 14-year-old daughter:

I think it’s safe to say that most mothers would be horrified to find out that their 14-year-old daughter was pregnant. I think it’s also a pretty safe bet that no normal mother would WANT their 14 year old to become pregnant. Obviously, the ‘mother’ in this next story is no normal parent. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that this woman is no normal human being, but a selfish, twisted piece of shit.

A ‘mother’ over here in England had adopted three daughters as babies from abroad, and was desperate to adopt a fourth. However, she was denied approval. I think that, at this point, most normal people would accept the decision and be grateful for the three children they HAD been able to adopt, but not this crazy bitch. She immediately turned to her oldest daughter, who was just 14 at the time. She allegedly bought donor sperm off the Internet and forced her daughter to inseminate herself no less than seven times with said sperm using syringes that mother herself prepared. The forced insemination continued until the girl became pregnant and ultimately gave birth to a boy at 16. According to the daughter (who is now 19), she did not want to become pregnant, but believed that if she went along with her mother’s demands, her mother would ‘love her more’. Damn, doesn’t that just break your heart?

Midwives contacted authorities after the girl (named only as ‘A’) gave birth. They were shocked at the mother’s ‘pushy and insensitive’ attitude towards her daughter and grandchild. Allegedly, the mother tried to stop her daughter from breastfeeding the newborn, stating ‘We don’t want any of that attachment thing’ before trying to take the baby off the ward. ‘A’ later confided in a family friend and all four children were taken into care.

The girl’s mother allegedly concocted a story about how her daughter had fallen pregnant after spending the night with a boy who abandoned her shortly after, and the daughter was ‘too scared’ to go against what mother dearest said. Not surprisingly, the family was already known to social services. Social workers had visited the home no less than four times after concerns were raised about the welfare of the children, but no action was ever taken. None of the three girls went to school, but were ‘homeschooled’ instead and were not even allowed to see their adoptive father (who was separated from the mother). Authorities believe this was to keep them isolated from the outside world, and neighbours have said that the oldest daughter was so quiet and timid that they believed she may have suffered from a ‘vocal disability’. Instead, her and her sisters were ‘intimidated, domineered and bullied’ by a selfish, twisted piss poor excuse for a mother.

The mother was jailed for five years after admitting to five counts of child cruelty, not just towards her oldest daughter, but against her other daughters too. A neighbour had called social services after alleging that she would scream and swear at the youngest child (who was only two at the time) and leave her crying for hours at a time. The oldest daughter reports that she often saw her mother slap her sisters and had once witnessed her tying the youngest to a chair when she wouldn’t sit still before sticking duct tape over her mouth for answering back. I am honestly amazed that this woman was allowed to adopt in the first place. She is clearly an evil, selfish piece of shit who has no business caring for children. She put her own selfish desires about the well-being of her child. Sick.