What is your opinion on Romeo and Juliet laws?


I actually have no opinion of them. They are what they are.

They were designed, for example, if someone who is 18 has sex with someone who is 17 in a state where the age of consent is 18 the law would normally prevent that person from going to jail. Seems like common sense to me.

You’ll have to forgive me if I sound defensive because normally when I’m asked a question like this it’s usually from someone who supports what’s known as ‘childlove’. That’s a pedo code word for having sex with children, or as I have been known to call it, child rape. They’ll use this line of questioning in order to try to engage me in some kind of argument where their perversion and flawed logic try to make it sound like that adults having sex with children (raping them) should be accepted behavior.

If you’re not one of them then I apologize.

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What is your opinion on Ron Paul? I know you think many of his followers are lunatics, but I just wondered what your opinion was on the stances he took.


I admire Ron Paul. He is a man of character and it’s sad to see that the Tea Party movement, which he basically started, has been hijacked by a bunch of idiots.

What breaks the deal for me with Ron Paul is his stances on legalizing drugs and especially legalizing prostitution.

Legalizing drugs would cause an immense strain on our already taxed healthcare system and legalizing prostitution would in no way solve any of the other crimes, such as human trafficking, associated with it.

Thank you for your question.

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Man accused of stalking teen on Formspring

William Kearns

William Kearns

Palos Heights Man Stalked Stagg High Girl on the Web, Cops Say:

I knew it would be only a matter of time before someone used Formspring for nefarious purposes. For those of you who don’t know what Formspring is it is a social networking site set up basically for the purpose of you answering questions from people. You can see mine as an example here. By the way, if you do ask me a question on Formspring the odds of me giving a serious answer are slim to none and Slim just left. The reason for that is unlike most teens and sadly a lot of adults I like to protect my privacy.

Which brings us to our story. 55-year-old William Kearns of Palos Heights, Illinois was arrested for allegedly stalking a 16-year-old girl by using Formspring. Police say Kearns sent suggestive messages to the girl on Formspring and set up a meeting with the girl at an ice cream shop. Kearns allegedly posed as a student of the girl’s high school on Formspring. Kearns’ son also attends the same school. I bet he’s real proud of dad now. And to make it all better Kearns is out on bond.

So now parents and police have yet another social networking site to be wary of. I’ve also heard tales of kids being harassed by other kids on Formspring as well. I don’t blame Formspring. It can be pretty fun if used properly but like most things in our society it isn’t.