3-year-old not restrained in drunk driving crash

Child in crash not properly restrained:

3-year-old Kaiden Smith is in critical condition after the vehicle he was traveling in crashed in Fountain County, Indiana on April 1st. Kalden was in his car set but the seat was not restrained. Kalden and his birth organism, Pamela Smith, were both airlifted to an Indianapolis hospital. The other person in the vehicle, 29-year-old Jason Coleman was treated and released. It’s unknown at this time if Coleman is the sperm donor or just the penis.

Anyway it turns out that not only were both ‘adults’ intoxicated neither one of them had any business driving since they both had suspended drivers licenses.

Police at this time don’t know which of the pair were driving and DNA tests are being performed on the airbags to see who was at the wheel. I’m laying odds on the penis since he was the one with the least amount of injuries. That’s the way it seems to work out in drunk driving cases.

Thanks to Erin for the tip.