Another dangerous bath tub claims a victim

Parents arrested after hiding baby’s severe burns, broken bones:

19-year-old Kaitlin Moore and her 24-year-old boyfriend Justin Weber were arrested in Mooresville, Indiana for allegedly scalding their two-month-old baby.

Moore claims that the baby fell off the bath pad and into the bath tub.

They tried treating the burns at home because they were afraid of losing the baby. The reason they were afraid of losing the baby because DCS had already visited the house because of bruises the baby had. They actually tried claiming that the bruises were from the baby accidentally bumping into a door. That’s the stereotypical excuse a wife beater uses so it makes me wonder if she was being beat as well.

Not only were the burns so bad that the skin was coming off but the hospital also discovered 8 different bone fractures.

If these scum really cared about their child and it was truly an accident they would have gone to the hospital no matter what. Instead they were selfish scum that cared more about getting in trouble then getting help for their child. What kind of cowards beat a 2-month-old child anyway.

Thanks to Sherri for the tip.