Pa. politician files criminal charges against French Gov’t over cop

59th Republican Ward Sues The French For Honoring Mumia Abu-Jamal:

This is beautiful…

The 59th Republican Ward Executive Committee of Philadelphia, representing the Germantown area, retained a French attorney and filed criminal charges against the French cities of Paris and Saint-Denis last Thursday in connection to the case of convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. Paris awarded Abu-Jamal honorary citizenship in 2001 and Saint-Denis, a suburb near Paris, named a street after him this year.

Ward Chairman Peter Wirs allege that these actions violate Article 28, Section 2 of the French Penal Code, which impose a five year imprisonment and fine of € 45,000 to anyone who publicly “have glorified the perpetration of a crime” such as murder.

“All the other politicians were talking the talk, but not getting anything done. I’m from the old school. I’m gonna walk the walk and get this resolved,” Wirs said.

The French Communist Party denounced the 59th Republican Ward Executive Committee in their newspaper, L’Humanite, calling the lawsuit a “provocation” that would not dissuade the socialist elected officials of Saint-Denis or cause them to “change their mind since they are defending the values of democracy, the struggle against the death penalty and are willing to act so that there is no more political prisoners in the USA.”

“This is just a fundraising gimmick for them. They keep telling supporters that he’s gonna die at any moment. He’s not even on death row,” Wirs added, noting District Judge William Yohn’s 2001 decision overturning Abu-Jamal’s death sentence, but not his conviction.

Wirs said French journalists gave him unconfirmed reports that the French Communist Party intends to burn him in effigy at an upcoming rally.

Mumia Abu-Jamal was convicted for shooting police office Daniel Faulkner on Dec. 9, 1981 at a traffic stop at 12th and Locust streets in Philadelphia.

Wirs said that after 25 years, justice is required to be served and the Faulkner family deserves closure.

Peter Wirs is my new hero. He’s cutting through all the B.S. and trying to beat the French Government with their own laws. It would be great if someone actually went to jail for the adulation of a convicted cop killer but I know it probably won’t happen. Now if Peter Wirs could get Mumia put back on death row I’d move back to Philly just so I could vote for him.

Suggestions for France

Philadelphia Daily News columnist Stu Bykofsky has some suggestions for the governments of France since one of them decided to name a street after convicted cop killing scumbag Mumia Abu-Jamal…

Here are a few things France might consider:

• Renaming Place de la Concorde, the largest public square in Paris, to honor girlfriend-killer/unicorn/all-around-health-hazard Ira Einhorn. As a further tribute to the former hippie planetary enzyme, they should order it never to be cleaned by the streets department.

• A small plaza adjoining Rue Abu-Jamal should commemorate the groundbreaking work of Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski. A statue in the center in the shape of a mailbox would be a nice touch.

• The market district known as the “belly of Paris,” Les Halles, must be reflagged as the Gary Heidnik District, to honor the financial wizard/dungeon-master/cannibal.

• The Eiffel Tower should be rededicated to the memory of Timothy McVeigh, to “honor” the “freedom fighter” who blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.

• Rename the Bastille as Holmesburg.


Rue de Scumbag

Paris suburb names street for Mumia Abu-Jamal:

Like you needed another reason to hate the French Government. First, they refuse to hand over convicted killer Ira Einhorn until we promise not to execute him. Then some French municipalities talk about naming a street after known terrorist Yassir Arafat. And not only did the city of Paris make convicted cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal an honorary citizen, now a Paris suburb is naming a street after him…

A street in a Paris suburb has been named in honor of Mumia Abu-Jamal, who was convicted of the 1981 murder of a Philadelphia police officer.

“In France, they see him as a towering figure,” said Suzanne Ross, co-chair of the Free Mumia Coalition of New York City, who was part of an April 29 ceremony to dedicate the Rue Mumia Abu-Jamal in the city of St. Denis.

Ross said the street is in the town’s Human Rights district, which includes Nelson Mandela Stadium.

Abu-Jamal, a former radio reporter and member of the Black Panther party, was sentenced to death in 1982 for the shooting of 25-year-old Daniel Faulkner. He has maintained his innocence. His writings and taped speeches have made him a cause celebre among Hollywood activists, foreign politicians and some death-penalty opponents who believe he was the victim of a racist justice system.

Comparing Abu-Jamal to Nelson Mandela is like comparing Hitler to Gandhi. Again I say the governments of France must be living in some bizarro world.

As expected Maureen Faulkner, the widow of slain officer Daniel Faulkner had this to say…

Faulkner’s widow, Maureen, called the street dedication “disgusting” and urged Philadelphia residents planning a visit to Paris this summer to cancel their trips. In 2001, the Paris City Council made Abu-Jamal an honorary citizen.

“This is so unnerving for me to get this news,” Faulkner said from Los Angeles, where she lives. “It’s insulting to the police officers of Philadelphia that they are naming a street after a murderer.”

The only road that should be named for Abu-Jamal is the one that leads to the execution chamber.

Scientology: Bad. Cop Killing: OK.

Cruise ‘not welcome’ in Paris:

Normally I save the Scientology bashing for another blog but this time I have yet another bone to pick with French government…

THE Paris city hall has pledged not to make US actor Tom Cruise an honorary citizen – because of his membership of the Church of Scientology.

In a debate late yesterday, the Socialist-controlled municipal assembly approved a resolution “never to welcome the actor Tom Cruise, spokesman for Scientology and self-declared militant for this organisation”.

But do you know who is an honorary citizen of Paris? Convicted cop killing scumbag Mumia Abu Jamal.

While I agree with them that Tom Cruise is nothing more than a cult recruiter it makes no sense to reject him as an honorary citizen but it’s fine to make a cop killer one.

You can’t be an honorary citizen if you have wacky religious beliefs but kill all the cops you want. Nice message you’re sending. Then again maybe they were afraid that Tom Cruise would ascend on Paris with an army of Scientologists and they’d have no choice except to surrender.

TOF to Stig Mata.

Yet Another Reason To Hate France

French consider naming streets after Arafat:

I’ll just print the whole article since it’s so short…

Several French municipalities governed by communist and left-wing majorities are considering naming a street or a square after Yasser Arafat.

The French police intelligence service, Renseignements Generaux, reportedly warned the Ministry of Interior that such initiatives might trigger heated polemics and tensions between Jews and Muslims, especially neighborhoods ridden by ethnic violence.

In several suburban cities near Paris and Lyons governed by communist mayors, large Muslim and Jewish populations live side by side.

So let’s review. Various parts of the French government have…

…refused to hand over a murderer to the US until we promised to take the death penalty off the table. (Ira Einhorn)
…granted honorary citizenship to a convicted cop killer. (Mumia Abu Jamal)

And now…

…naming streets after the leader of the world’s most famous terrorist organization. (Yasser Arafat)

For a country that complains an awful lot about war, they sure do offer a lot of aide to murderers. No wonder they let the Nazi’s roll over them. They were probably welcoming their heroes.

All aboard the karma train. Next stop: France

Fugitive Commits Suicide In French Jail:

The other day I told you about Paul Goldman who killed his mistress then fled to France. The French government then told the US that we couldn’t have him back unless we took the death penalty off the table. Well, it seems that Mr. Goldman resolved the situation himself by taking his own miserable life in a French jail cell. Kind of fitting that he took the cowards way out in France.

Another Reason to Hate France

France to Extradite U.S. Murder Suspect :

Just like in the Ira Einhorn case once again France refused extradition of an American suspect until the US took the death penalty off the table. Paul Goldman stabbed his mistress Fay Zonis seven times and left her to bleed to death. He then confessed the crime to his wife who helped him escape prosecution by helping him get to France. As far as I’m concerned Goldman deserves the death penalty. But now since he fled to France the French government wouldn’t extradite him until the Bucks County, PA prosecutors promised not to seek the death penalty. Not only should the French have no right to tell us how to prosecute our criminals it sets a dangerous precedent. You can kill as many people as you want. If you get caught just flee to France and you won’t be put to death. Leave it to the French government to surrender to every criminal that cross their borders.

Why I Hate France

One of the reasons I hate France:

Ira Einhorn was a hippy guru from the 70’s. He was arrested for killing his girlfriend Holly Maddux in Philadelphia in 1979. Her remains were found in a steamer trunk and had obviously been there for a while. He fled the country. He was tried and convicted in absentia. In 1997 he was arrested in France, but there’s a catch. We couldn’t get him back unless we promised not to seek the death penalty and grant him a new trial.

What business is it of France to tell us how to treat our criminals? If anyone deserves the death penalty its Einhorn.

He also claims to have invented Earth Day. So that’s one more reason not to like Earth Day either.

France Sucks

French government release Nazi collaborator:

One more reason to hate France. The French released a French Nazi sympathizer, Maurice Papon, from prison who during WW II signed the orders to round up Jews in Bordeaux where they were then sent to the Auschwitz death camp. They released him saying he was too old and sick to serve out his 10-year sentence. 10 years??? That’s all he got for sending over 1000 Jews to their deaths? This guy should have been executed but France doesn’t believe in that.

Papon says he feels no remorse or regret for his actions. To me, that sounds like someone who should rot in jail for the rest of his days no matter how sick he is. And he shouldn’t receive any treatment either.

I wonder if the French surrendered to him as soon as he was released from jail. Oh wait, he’s not really German.