10-year-old OD’s, left for 12 hours

Police: 10-Year-Old Overdosed On Mother’s Medication:

42-year-old Roberta Lynn “Bobbie” Justus-Buck of Franklin, Indiana has been arrested in the death of her 10-year-old son, Travis Buck.

Here’s how it started…

Justus-Buck told police that both of her children had been sick, and that she had planned on taking them to the doctor the day before. But she said that when she and her daughter went to wake up Buck, he was unresponsive. She said that they left him on the floor so that the girl would not miss her appointment.

When Justus-Buck and her daughter returned from the doctor’s appointment and shopping at Wal-Mart Travis Buck was still in the same position and was cold to the touch. An autopsy revealed that Travis Buck died from a morphine overdose. Justus-Buck had a prescription for morphine. I wonder what ‘condition’ she needed the morphine for. She claims that she never saw him take the morphine and that she never gave it to him. When police told her that’s how her son died she said “Then I’ve been a terrible parent, I guess.” There’s no guessing about it, you are. The autopsy also showed that Travis Buck was dead for at least 12 hours before she called 911.

And did I mention they all lived in a trailer and that it was piled with trash, food and dog feces and has since been condemned?

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.