Listen up you pencil necked geeks

Freddie Blassie passes away:

The wrestling community and its fans lost one of the great ones yesterday. Classy Freddie Blassie passed away yesterday. He died as more wrestlers should. Probably from old age. By the time I started watching wrestling Freddie Blassie had already retired from the ring and was a manager. He managed the first wrestler that ever scared the hell out of me, the Iron Shiek. Gimme a break it was 1982. The combined forces of Blassie and the Iron Shiek I knew spelled trouble for Bob Backlund’s WWF Title. They proved me right. But then again the Iron Shiek was no match for Hogan. And as a manager, Blassie was not afraid to interfere in any match. I just wish I could have seen some of his legendary matches. My condolences go out to the Blassie family.