California man charged with soliciting 6-year-old over

California man charged with soliciting 6-year-old over

(Story broke 6/3/2017)

We’ll get to the obvious question in due time, but first the facts. is a social app where people can share videos of themselves, livestream and message each other. 25-year-old Jacob Eric Blanco, of Fresno, California, is accused of allegedly using and Kik, of course, to solicit girls under 12 to send him explicit images of themselves. Blanco was brought to the attention of law enforcement by a family from New York whose 6-year-old daughter was reportedly solicited by Blanco. Blanco is looking at a maximum sentence of 30 years for each count of sexual exploitation of a minor. Law enforcement are said to be looking for additional victims.

So I checked’s terms of service and you have to be at least 13-years-old to use the app. While it’s fortunate the incident led to Blanco’s arrest, why in the blue hell was a 6-year-old allowed to be on Have these people never been on the internet? Were they Amish people who left that practice behind and this was their first day in the pagan world?

No child needs to be left to roam freely online without parental supervision, especially a 6-year-old girl. There’s too many cretins like Blanco running wild online to leave your young children unattended on any internet connected device.

Kid tattooing gangsta arrested

Father of gang-tattooed 7-year-old arrested:

Remember the story of Enrique Gonzales who had his 7-year-old son tattooed with the symbol of Gonzales’ gang? Of course you do.

Anyway the slimeball has been arrested. It seems he has another kid who he’s trying to initiate in the gang lifestyle too…

After his arrest, police discovered a photograph of Gonzalez, his son and a third child. The two children had gang graffiti on their bodies, police said.

Nothing like trying to breed future criminals.

Thanks to Donovan for the tip.

Fresno gangsta has his 7-year-old son tattooed

California father accused of forcing gang tattoo on 7-year-old son:

26-year-old Enrique Gonzales of Fresno, California is a member of the Bulldog street gang. Apparently he enjoys the thug life so much he had his 7-year-old son tattooed with the gang’s symbol. A picture of the tattoo can be found in the article.

Let’s just put the whole gang thing to the side for a minute. I have a fairly decent sized tattoo on my body, no you can’t see it. It was the second most painful experience in my life next to breaking my arm in four places. I can’t imagine the pain and fear this kid must have had even for a relatively small tattoo.

Gonzalez is still on the run from the law and the tattoo artist has been arrested.

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Seth Ireland has died

5th Grader Dies After Brutal Beating, Mother and Boyfriend Under Arrest:

The other day I posted about 10-year-old Seth Ireland of Fresno, California who was beaten so badly by his mother’s boyfriend that he was put into critical condition. It’s with great sadness that I tell you that Seth Ireland has since died from his injuries.

The boyfriend, LeBaron Vaughn, has been charged with his murder. The birth organism, Rena Ireland, only faces child abuse charges for standing by and watching her child get beat.

The other three children have been removed from the home.

If you ask me, and I know nobody did, she’s just as complicit as the boyfriend and should also be charged with murder even though I know that’s not how it always works.

Thanks to SFDude and LadyJade for the tip.

Fresno woman stands by while son is beaten

Fresno boy, 10, critical after beating:

10-year-old Seth Ireland of Fresno, California is in critical condition after being beaten severely by his birth organism’s boyfriend.

32-year-old LeBaron Vaughn allegedly got mad when Seth was picking on one of his younger brothers. Police say Vaughn then elbowed Seth in the face, punched him repeatedly in the face and chest and also kicked him while he was down.

Seth’s mother, 40-year-old Rena Ireland, did nothing to stop it.

Three month’s prior to the beating Child Protective Services were notified that Seth was in danger of abuse.

Three children, ages 7, 5 and 1-month, have been removed from the home. Talk about closing the barn door after the horses are out. Maybe they should have taken the kids out of the home before Seth was put into critical condition.

To make matters worse Vaughn is also a sex offender who received three months probation for having sex with a minor in 1999.

You’d think that would be enough reason for CPS to be concerned.

Rena Ireland has also been charged and both have pleaded not guilty to child abuse charges. God forbid they should actually take responsibility for their actions.

I still can’t fathom why some women think abusive scumbags like this are more important than their own children.

Thanks to Shawne for the tip.