Rhode Island gang rape

MySpace again tied to rape:

A 17-year-old girl was gang raped in Rhode Island after being drugged. The three suspects are identified as Henry Duah, 20, Gabriel “G Money” Clarke, 21, and Jack “J Mob” Appiah, 26. The victim had met Duah through MySpace. Duah and company had picked the victim up at a mall. The suspects bought alcohol before stopping at the house where the rape occurred.

The girl was given an open wine cooler bottle to drink while the men were drinking some other type of alcohol.

At one point, the girl offered her wine cooler to one of the men but he declined to drink it, Whiting said.

At some point the girl became “woozy” and fell unconscious and then regained consciousness over a period of time before she was driven back to a friend’s house, Whiting said.

Appiah was arrested in Maine while trying to escape to Canada and is now being held without bail.

I was unable to find a MySpace for Duah and Appiah but I was able to find one for Gabriel Clarke.

If you ever needed a reason to check up on your kids’ MySpace this would be it.