Scott Shefelbine’s mom sentenced for perjury

Scott Shefelbine

Scott Shefelbine

Sex Offender’s Mother Gets Probation For Perjury:

One of the most prolific sex offenders in the history of this website is one Scott Shefelbine from Connecticut.

If memory serves me correctly he was arrested around a dozen times for meeting with underage girls, some of which he met through MySpace.

After each arrest his parents would post his bond only to have him re-offend and they covered for him with such lame attempts as presenting church bulletins as proof that Shefelbine was at church and not out being a creeper.

Shefelbine himself is serving a 20 year sentence for sexually assaulting minor girls which is nowhere near enough in my opinion.

Now his mother, Gail Shefelbine, has admitted to committing perjury in order to keep her child molesting son out of jail. She’s only been sentenced to 18 months probation and will still be allowed to visit her sexual predator son.

Again this sentence is a joke and there should be no more slaps on the wrists for child molesters and their enablers.

Scott Shefelbine’s mom to be charged

Tolland Sex Offender’s Mother Charged With Perjury:

Who can forget our favorite MySpace predator Scott Shefelbine who was arrested over a dozen times even while on parole for assaulting under age girls? Or his father who was arrested for punching out a female reporter? Now Scott Shefelbine’s mother may now complete the Shefelbine family arrest trifecta.

Prosecutors are charging 66-year-old Gail L. Shefelbine with nine counts of perjury.

If you followed this site during the younger Shefelbine’s saga you’ll remember that Mrs. Shefelbine tried saying that her son’s violation of his house arrest was to attend church and as proof she presented the classic standby of the church bulletin. Old school Catholics like myself will find that amusing.

It turns out that Mrs. Shefelbine allegedly went around to different churches requesting old church bulletins.

So if these accusations are true Mrs. Shefelbine basically covered for her son while he went out and diddled some underage girls.

There’s also some issue of a possible fake beard that Shefelbine may have worn. I wonder if it was special effects type make up or if it was from a costume shop. Either thought is kind of disturbing.