Child found beaten and starved, then it gets weird

Child Found Beaten, Starved in Closet; Mom Arrested:

Police in Apple Valley, California arrested 31-year-old Desiree Gonzales after an anonymous tipster told police that her son was being abused. When police got there they found her 5-year-old son in a closet, emaciated and covered with bruises.

Also arrested was her 16-year-old male ‘roommate’.

Police said it appeared that both of them were on meth and that they had L.A. gang connections.

And 9 other children were moved from the home. Not a typo, nine. Allegedly the 5-year-old was the only one that belonged to Gonzales.

And there were two other adults that weren’t charged.

If it wasn’t for the fact that a child was being abused this would almost be comical.

I never knew that you could smoke meth in a clown car.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

Kid tattooing gangsta arrested

Father of gang-tattooed 7-year-old arrested:

Remember the story of Enrique Gonzales who had his 7-year-old son tattooed with the symbol of Gonzales’ gang? Of course you do.

Anyway the slimeball has been arrested. It seems he has another kid who he’s trying to initiate in the gang lifestyle too…

After his arrest, police discovered a photograph of Gonzalez, his son and a third child. The two children had gang graffiti on their bodies, police said.

Nothing like trying to breed future criminals.

Thanks to Donovan for the tip.

Fresno gangsta has his 7-year-old son tattooed

California father accused of forcing gang tattoo on 7-year-old son:

26-year-old Enrique Gonzales of Fresno, California is a member of the Bulldog street gang. Apparently he enjoys the thug life so much he had his 7-year-old son tattooed with the gang’s symbol. A picture of the tattoo can be found in the article.

Let’s just put the whole gang thing to the side for a minute. I have a fairly decent sized tattoo on my body, no you can’t see it. It was the second most painful experience in my life next to breaking my arm in four places. I can’t imagine the pain and fear this kid must have had even for a relatively small tattoo.

Gonzalez is still on the run from the law and the tattoo artist has been arrested.

Thanks to amaze07ike for the tip.