Self-proclaimed pedophile says crimes were ‘civil disobedience’

Self-proclaimed pedophile says crimes were 'civil disobedience'

Gary Wolchesky

Seven years ago, I originally posted about then 21-year-old Gary Wolchesky here. In 2009, he was arrested for using Xbox Live to convince children to record themselves performing sexual acts for Wolchesky’s own pleasure. He then went on YouTube to brag about his exploits. I never thought I would be posting about him again, but yesterday, I received a slew of traffic from people looking for information about Wolchesky.

Yesterday, the suspect from Middletown, New Jersey, was found guilty on several charges of child sex abuse. However, his defense was as brazen as his YouTube videos were.

During his trial Wolchesky, a self-proclaimed pedophile, said he never asked the boys to penetrate themselves and that the boys all consented to the other acts. He also framed his conduct as acts of civil disobedience meant to “advance the cause of pedophilia,” authorities said.

Every once in a while a story comes out about a ‘pedophile activist’. You can read about another one here. They try to compare themselves to the LGBT community and the struggle they’ve undergone for equal rights. The comparison quickly falls flat when you realize that the LGBT community isn’t try to advance the ’cause’ of raping children.

Wolchesky will be looking at a sentence of 60 years when he is sentenced in March.

UPDATE 5/5/2017: Last week Wolchesky was sentenced to 46 years behind bars. He must serve a little over 32 years before he’ll be eligible for parole.

NJ YouTube pedophile arrested

Gary Wolchesky

Gary Wolchesky

Online video tip leads to Middletown man’s arrest:

That stereotype of a New Jersey douchebag over there is barely 21-year-old Gary Wolchesky of Middletown, New Jersey. He may just be the stupidest criminal in New Jersey.

He allegedly went on YouTube bragging about how much of a pedophile he is. He used such screen names as PEDOTeenTech, GaryGodx, MyIDisPhat, MyIDisCool, TeenTech and Genetic Supremacy. He also claimed that he used Xbox Live and YouTube to find his victims.

This led police to search his home where they allegedly found a cache of child porn.

And yet the most he’s looking at is 18 months in the state pen. This brought to you by the state that produced Jesse Timendiquas. Way to go Jersey, once again making me ashamed of the state I grew up in.

Surprisingly YouTube has actually pulled the videos.