Abandoned baby found in beer bottle strewn motel room

Newborn Left Alone At Motel:

Tara Anderson, believed to be mother of baby abandoned in West Springfield, hospitalized; faces new arraignment date:

EXCLUSIVE: Friend of Mother Arrested For Abandoning Baby Speaks:

A couple found a newborn baby left alone in a West Springfield, Mass. hotel room. The umbilical cord and placenta were present. The newborn was surrounded by sheets covered in blood. The room itself was littered with beer bottles and drug paraphernalia. No one else was in the room.

Eventually authorities tracked down who they believe to be the birth organism. That would be 37-year-old Tara Anderson of no fixed address.

Anderson’s friend, Julio Reyes, claims they didn’t abandon the baby.

Reyes says Anderson didn’t abandon her baby, but left her with a caretaker. “She left it with someone responsible, but I can’t say who,” said Reyes.

He says Anderson has been staying with him in Holyoke since just after she gave birth. Reyes says she didn’t go to police because she already had a warrant out for her arrest. “All I know is she did what was right for her not to get into trouble,” said Reyes.

So let me get this straight. Some people, including a pregnant woman, were drinking and doing drugs in a motel room, she gives birth in said motel room, then leaves the baby allegedly with someone else while she leaves the hotel for some reason? Have you ever heard of anyone going to a motel room purposely to give birth that didn’t abandon the baby?

Thanks to Danielle for the tip.