California dad confronts MySpace predator

Father Confronts MySpace Predator, Man Arrested:

Here we have a father going above and beyond the call of fatherhood.

A man found out that 28-year-old George Hanna of Sacramento, California was contacting his 13-year-old daughter through MySpace.

The father took over the MySpace account and posed as his daughter. He told Hanna that ‘he’ was 13 and of course Hanna allegedly didn’t care and started messaging her for sex.

The father arranged a meeting between Hanna and when Hanna showed up Dad was there armed with his camera and took pictures of the alleged predator.

“He looked at me and I started pulling out my camera to take pictures of him, and he asked if I knew him, and I said ‘no, but you know my 13-year-old daughter who you want to sleep with.’ That’s when he started to run away,” he told CBS13.

That’s awesome. However I do not recommend that everyone do this as it could have catastrophic results.

And I give kudos to the dad to have the restraint of not beating Hanna within an inch of his life.