The Pastor and the Pedophile

Bryan Pastor Arrested, Accused of Luring Man into Sex:

The Reverend Randy Scott: More Details Emerge In Case Of Kinky Aggieland Pastor:

People ask me all the time why I want the casual encounters section of craigslist shut down too. This story is a good reason why.

Pastor George Randall Scott of Bryan, Texas has been arrested for forcing a man he met on craigslist to perform a sex act on him. Don’t feel bad for the ‘victim’ though.

According to police Scott posed as a 20-year-old looking for M4M sex. While corresponding with the victim Scott then said he was 16. Age of consent in Texas is 17. The ‘victim’ said that was no problem and to come on over.

When Scott got to the man’s house he said that he discovered the e-mails in his ‘step-son’s’ e-mail and that he would go to the police if the guy didn’t blow him.

In my opinion both men are sexual predators and there seems to be a lot of them in the casual encounters section.