Ga. highway gunman idolized Parkland shooter

Ga. highway gunman idolized Parkland shooter

I don’t know how this didn’t make bigger headlines. I didn’t hear about this story until late Saturday and only because of its connection to the Parkland school shooting.

Anyway, on Friday, 26-year-old Rex Whitmire Harbour used a 9mm handgun to shoot at random commuters on Georgia Highway 365 in Hall County, Georgia. Harbour took the coward’s way out by way of a self-inflicted gunshot after a short chase by police. Police were said to have found three 9mm handguns, a 12-gauge shotgun, a BB-gun, and 3,000 rounds of ammunition in Harbour’s car. Three people were injured, two with gunshot wounds. Thankfully, no one received any life-threatening injuries.

The reason this came across my radar is that Harbour was a fan of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooter Nikolas Cruz. When police searched Harbour’s home, where he lived with his parents I might add, they found the almost prerequisite hate-filled journal where Harbour called Cruz a hero and wrote that Cruz gave Harbour “courage and confidence.” I’m pretty sure he got those words mixed up with crazy and cowardice. No word on if Harbour’s parents knew anything about their son’s obvious mental issues. Also, I haven’t seen how Harbour obtained his guns but considering it’s Georgia, I doubt he had a hard time getting his hands on them. Second Amendment y’all.

This is why I say people who exhibit some kind of hero worship toward killers and mass murderers should have close eyes kept on them. This kind of behavior is in no way beneficial to anyone and should be treated as a sign of a dangerous mental illness.


FOX 5 Atlanta
FOX 5 Atlanta
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Suspect in Ga. OfferUp murder apprehended

Suspect in Ga. OfferUp murder apprehended

Quantavious Poole

I originally posted about the murder of Larry Stewart here. He was a 24-year-old man who was shot and killed in East Point, Georgia while trying to sell a Playstation through classifieds app OfferUp.

A suspect named as 21-year-old Quantavious Poole has recently surrendered to police.

The meeting itself took place in the stairwell of an apartment which sounds like it was pretty hidden from public view. If you insist on meeting someone from OfferUp or any other classifieds site or app, please meet them at a local police department. While it’s not a guarantee of your safety, it sure does go a long way in dissuading criminals from trying to harm you.

Potential MeetMe molester caught sneaking out of girl’s window

Potential MeetMe molester caught sneaking out of girl's window

Vladyslav Sergeevich Prykhodko

20-year-old Vladyslav Sergeevich Prykhodko, of Sapphire, North Carolina, is accused of allegedly posing as a 17-year-old boy on social and dating app MeetMe. Prykhodko is said to have lied about his age in order to meet a 14-year-old girl from Chatsworth, Georgia. He is then said to have made the three-hour, 150 mile drive, before climbing in the girl’s bedroom window unbeknownst to her parents. According to the articles I’ve read there may not have been any sexual contact between Prykhodko and the girl, but that didn’t stop him from being super creepy.

According to the report, he told deputies, “I wanted to lose control and was afraid of doing something inappropriate.” He said he and the girl were staring “intently and deeply into each other’s eyes” and said “in a moment of passion” he reached out to touch her, but said he stopped himself, “stating it was as if he hit a wall and could (not) go forward with any physical action.”

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A neighbor was said to have spotted Prykhodko leaving through the same window and alerted the girl’s mother to that. The mother, the neighbor and a friend of the mother chased Prykhodko down and brought him back to the house where the mother claims to have slapped Prykhodko in the face when she found out he was 20. Considering where this took place, he’s lucky there were no banjos playing if you know what I mean.

However, as far as no sexual contact taking place and Prykhodko ‘hitting a wall’ before doing anything inappropriate, that probably wasn’t his original intention as he was found to be in possession of weed and condoms.

The other problem with this story is the girl was using her friend’s phone at school to communicate with Prykhodko. In this case the onus would be on the friend’s parent because MeetMe is not an app that young kids should be using. While MeetMe’s terms of service may allow users to be ages 13 and up, in reality it’s a very adult app that is widely used for hook ups.

Ga. OfferUp killing over Playstation

Ga. OfferUp killing over Playstation

Larry Stewart

24-year-old Larry Stewart was shot and killed in East Point, Georgia, after meeting with someone through OfferUp in order to sell his Playstation 4.

Witnesses said Stewart was in a stairwell meeting with the buyer when he was shot multiple times in the chest. He ran after being hit, but collapsed.

The shooter is still at large.

By my count, this is murder #4 for OfferUp.

Craigslist scammer turned killer

Craigslist scammer turned killer

Murray Blackmon

This story is back from late September.

65-year-old Murray Blackmon is accused of the fatal hit and run of a 44-year-old man who Blackmon may have scammed on craigslist. The victim was said to be there to buy a laptop from Blackmon, but Blackmon has a history of craigslist scams. The victim was holding on to Blackmon’s car as Blackmon tried to drive away from a Morrow, Georgia, parking lot. When Blackmon stopped the victim allegedly hit the asphalt striking his head which killed him. Blackmon is said to have stopped his vehicle where the victim fell and grabbed a computer box.

Again, I would never recommend using craigslist for anything but if you do use craigslist or a similar service, always meet the other party at your local police department.

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2nd man charged in craigslist killing of Vicente Cruz

2nd man charged in craigslist killing of Vicente Cruz

Gilbert George Moran

In addition to the arrest of 34-year-old Davis Rios, police in San Antonio also arrested 39-year-old Gilbert George Moran, in the alleged craigslist killing of Vicente Cruz in Atlanta, Georgia.

Back in May, Mr. Cruz went missing after going to sell his truck on craigslist and never returned, His truck was found abandoned and his blood was inside the truck. His body was found behind a vacant Atlanta home.

Just how Mr. Cruz was murdered and which of the men allegedly killed him has not yet been made public.

Man arrested in San Antonio for craigslist killing of missing Georgia man

Man arrested in San Antonio for craigslist killing of missing Georgia man

Davis Rios

Back in May, I posted about the disappearance of 44-year-old Vicente Cruz, of Austell, Georgia. He went missing after he went to sell his truck on craigslist. His body was found on May the 22nd, which I was unaware of. That officially made the story a craigslist killing.

This past week, 34-year-old David Rios was arrested in San Antonio, Texas, and charged with Mr. Cruz’s murder. What hasn’t been made public yet is the cause of Mr. Cruz’s death and the motive behind the crime.

If you’re selling something on craigslist, even if it’s something as big as a truck, meet the buyer at your local police department. Most municipalities have safe zones at their police stations to facilitate classified transactions safely. If the seller says they can’t meet at the police station, then it’s not worth risking your life over a sale.

Georgia craigslist killing was over shoes

Georgia craigslist killing was over shoes

Brooks and Scott

(Story broke 6/30/2017)

Back in May, I posted about the murder of 26-year-old Mezaio Pickett who was shot and killed at a restaurant parking lot in Smyrna, Georgia, during a craigslist deal. At that time, it wasn’t made very clear if this was a robbery set up or something else. Back in late June, it was made public it was indeed something else.

22-year-olds Damien Akeen Scott and Vincent Diandrez Brooks were both charged with Mr. Pickett’s murder, however, we now know Scott was the alleged gunman. Mr. Pickett had agreed to buy two pairs of shoes from Scott through craigslist. The victim was said to have changed his mind about which shoes he wanted and bought the pair of shoes right off of Scott’s feet.

“They exchanged money, gave him the $350, they shook on it and as Mr. Pickett was walking back to the car, the seller said ‘nah,’ walked back, reached through the driver’s window and shot Mr. Pickett one time in the back,” Grubb testified.

Scott fired five more times, then jumped in Brooks’ car and they drove off, according to the Channel 2 report.

So it wasn’t even a robbery. Mr. Pickett, a father of five, was shot and killed just because the seller didn’t like how the deal worked out. He wasn’t even back to the car before he decided to end the life of man who just paid him $350. This is how little value life holds in certain sections of our society.

Brooks is being held equally as culpable in Mr. Pickett’s murder since Georgia law holds getaway drivers as responsible as the gunman. Brooks himself thought he was driving Scott to a job. So in the end, Scott has ruined the life of his friend, taken the life of a stranger, and impacted three families, including his own, all due to his inability to deal with what he perceived as a bad deal without resorting to mortal violence.

Both suspects are currently being held without bond.

Georgia teen arrested for posting revenge porn on Snapchat of underage ex

Georgia teen arrested for posting revenge porn on Snapchat of underage ex

Hey look, a Snapchat story that doesn’t involve a teacher. Will wonders never cease? But, I digress.

Anyway, 18-year-old Zollise Kelly, of Roswell, Georgia, has been arrested for allegedly posting explicit pictures of his ex from when she was 16. Kelly was said to have posted the images on the photo sharing app Snapchat. The victim, who is now 18, says Kelly shared the pictures because she cut off contact with him and ended the relationship.

While 16 may be the age of consent in Georgia, explicit photos of a 16-year-old is still considered child porn. That’s not taking into account revenge porn is against the law in Georgia no matter what age the victim is. However, the sentence doesn’t seem to carry much weight.

Kids, it’s never too early to start protecting your reputation on social media because once a picture of you, explicit or otherwise, makes it online, it’s out there forever. That can come back to haunt you years later which could seriously impact your life in a negative way. It’s in your best interest to avoid situations where you can be photographed in any kind of compromising position.

Canadian man flies to Georgia to have sex with girl he met on Omegle

Canadian man flies to Georgia to have sex with girl he met on Omegle

53-year-old Yves Joseph Christopher Legault, from the Canadian province of Ontario, flew to Atlanta to allegedly have sex with a 13-year-old girl who he met on the webcam chat site Omegle. The girl’s mother discovered the ‘relationship’ after the girl received a package from Canada. Legault is said to have claimed he was 22-years-old. He also allegedly had his victim perform sex acts on cam for him. However, by this time the mom had already contacted the FBI who promptly arrested him when he arrived at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Omegle is one of the sneakier platforms for predators out there. Not only is it one of the most used search terms to find this site, but it’s my opinion law enforcement aren’t as aware of Omegle as they should be. To add to the sneakiness, Omegle is not an app. It’s a website that connects you with random people to chat with, but since it’s not an app all you need is an internet enabled device with a camera. So instead of looking for an app on your underage kids’ phones or tablets, with Omegle, you need to check their browser history and bookmarks to make sure they’re not using the site. That means checking their laptops as well. If I was still a parent of young children, I would not allow them to have any devices after bedtime.

UPDATE 12/13/2018: Legault was sentenced to 16 years after pleading guilty to enticing a child to engage in sexual activity online.