Reno idiot Breeder with lame excuse

gespinosaDetectives: Reno father beat child unconscious, then claimed the child fell from bed:

Don’t get ahead of me just yet.

Anyway that’s 19-year-old Gerardo Espinosa of Reno, Nevada. He’s accused of beating his 2-year-old son (do the math) into unconsciousness.

At the hospital this moron tried using the ‘he fell out of bed’ excuse. That’s right up there with ‘she walked into a door’ and ‘she said she was 18’.

I hate to keep repeating myself but I’ll keep saying it until I don’t have to say it anymore.

To all the scumbag child abusers out there. You are not smarter than the police and you sure as hell aren’t smarter than the doctors and medical staff. So instead of having to lie to the police and hospital how about not beating your kids. Ever think of that ya dumbasses?

Thanks to Christina for the tip.