Repeat California rapist avoids multiple life sentences

German Baeza

German Baeza

Sex offender takes plea deal in case that prompted change to state law:

I originally posted about German Baeza here. He’s the convicted rapist who cut off his ankle monitor and went on to rape again.

In 2004 Baeza pleaded no contest to rape and got 6 years. Not long after he got out he met a 15-year-old girl on a social networking site and raped her. He also forced a 14-year-old girl into his car at gunpoint and tried to rape her.

He was facing multiple life sentences but thanks to the wonders of plea bargaining he’s only getting 30 years. He shouldn’t have been let out in the first place. Six years for one of the most horrible crimes you can commit is more than a joke.

It’s getting to the point in our society where rape isn’t seen as that big of a deal anymore and that’s pathetic.

California rapist goes on to rape again. Color me shocked.

German Baeza

German Baeza

Sex Offender Accused Of Raping 15-Year-Old:

Registered sex offender suspected in 2 rape cases:

Sex offender cut off ankle monitor:

26-year-old German Baeza was convicted in 2004 of rape. You would think that with a rape conviction the scumbag would still be in jail but no Baeza only had an ankle monitor to keep him from raping again. Obviously that didn’t work as Baeza ‘allegedly’ cut the monitor off and was unaccounted for two weeks in July.

In that two weeks Baeza decided to get back to his old ways. He’s now accused of raping a 15-year-old girl that he met on an unnamed social networking site. He met the girl at a fast food joint and got the girl in his car saying he was going to take her to a relative’s house. Instead he took the girl to an orchard and raped her.

He’s also accused of the attempted rape of a 14-year-old girl. He forced that girl into his car at gunpoint and tried to rape her but the girl was able to escape.

Now he’s facing 50 to life. Why wasn’t he facing that on his initial rape.

I don’t care if they stay in jail for life, if they’re executed or if they’re used for painful scientific experiments. The one thing I do know is that violent sex offenders like Baeza should have their freedom taken away the first time. Their lives should be forfeit. No second chances.