Bad Boyfriend accused of raping toddler

Unfortunately this is not a repeat…

Oklahoma man charged in sexual assault on Gladwin tot:

Former Duncan resident held over in abuse case:

27-year-old Trent D. Perault Jr. formerly of Duncan, Oklahoma was arrested in Gladwin, Michigan for the rape of his girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter.

What the hell is going on lately. Is it because of the heat? Is there something in the water?

Anyway Perrault and the girlfriend took the baby to the hospital where they discovered injuries to the girl’s vagina and determined that the girl had been raped.

A police investigation allegedly revealed that the injuries occurred while the girl and a 6-month-old was left in Perrault’s care while the girlfriend is at work.

For that matter what’s with all the unemployed boyfriends? Idle hands really are the devil’s workshop.

Perrault is looking at life behind bars which probably won’t be that long if gets there.

Thanks to Carissa for the tip.