Child abuse hotline boss caught selling weed with kids in the house

Police: Child abuse hotline supervisor sold pot with children in home:

If this isn’t like rain on your wedding day I don’t know what is.

In Glenville, New York police arrested 39-year-old Kristen Trapalis for selling weed out of her home while three young children, 7 months, 4 year and 6-years, were there. Police confiscated 4 pounds of weed during the arrest.

What makes this ironic is that Trapalis is a supervisor for the state’s child abuse hotline. According to tipster K. this doesn’t come as that big of a surprise to her…

I once called this child abuse hotline, and reported someone smoking crack in front of his 7 year old daughter. The response was “And how does that harm the child?”.

So I guess if smoking crack in front of kids is allegedly tolerated then dealing weed out of your house surely must not be that big a deal.

Drug dealing, no matter what kind of drug, can be a violent business. When you’re dealing in large quantities and have an excess of cash laying around the house you’re leaving yourself wide open to a plethora of violent crimes, which in turn puts the young children of the house in grave danger.

No word if police were tipped off through the child abuse hotline. Somehow I doubt it.