Gloria Allred comments on craigslist

Gloria Allred

Gloria Allred

“But for Craigslist, Donna Might Be Alive Today”:

Hell has officially frozen over. I actually agree with something that shrill feminist attorney Gloria Allred said. Ms. Allred is representing the family of Donna Jou who died after overdosing while in the company of registered sex offender John Steven Burgess.

“But for Craigslist, Donna might be alive today,” Allred says. “She most likely never would have met Mr. Burgess without it.”

Allred thinks that Craigslist should implement measures to detect sex offenders who use the site and either block their postings or warn others about whom they’re dealing with. The Weekly’s calls to Craig Newmark and other Craigslist spokespeople were not returned.

Like I said in my previous post, MySpace is doing all it can to keep sex offenders off of its site, why can’t craigslist? Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to put all my money down on the Detroit Lions winning the Super Bowl.

Lindsay family hires famous attorney

Gloria Allred to represent videotaped beating victim:

From the ‘Nothing good can come of this’ department comes the latest about beating victim Victoria Lindsay.

Her parents have allegedly hired famed feminist attorney Gloria Allred.

I commend Ms. Allred for taking this case because I am sure she is doing it pro-bono. However I’m leery of attorneys with an obvious agenda. For everyone’s sake I hope Ms. Allred puts her clients well-being ahead of her agenda.