Massachusetts Kik kreeper claims he ‘accidentally’ downloaded child porn stash

Massachusetts Kik kreeper claims he 'accidentally' downloaded child porn stash

(Story broke 6/6/2017)

41-year-old George M. Rodriguez of Erving, Massachusetts, was recently arrested for allegedly being in possession of a rather large cache of child porn. Rodriguez is said to have uploaded it to Google Drive. Google caught wind of it and tipped off the NCMEC who in turn called local police. When police investigated his devices they found he uploaded at least 189 videos of definitive child porn to his Google Drive. Police say that Rodriguez claims he stored a lot of porn in his Google Drive so his wife wouldn’t find out and may have ‘ACCIDENTALLY’ downloaded some child porn.

It’s not unheard of for someone to accidentally download child porn. Back in the days of file sharing services like Napster, Kazzaa, and Limewire, people would download what they thought was either a pirated movie or album, but instead it would be a file full of child porn. However, those days are past, and it didn’t help that police discovered on Rodriguez’s Kik account, he had a number of explicit photos of young women of undetermined age on his cell phone. As we all know, Kik is very abundant in sex offenders, pedophiles, and child porn collectors.

Rodriguez was released on $1000 bail, so sleep tight Massachusetts.

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