Jailers get no jail

No Jail Time For Couple Who Caged Children:

A pair of Adoptive Breeders from Kokomo Indiana will receive no jail time for keeping their adopted kids in a cage. Prosecutors said that the deal reached with Teresa and Jay Moody wil spare the victims further suffering. Under the plea the Moodfy’s will receive two years probation and will no longer be allowed to be foster parents.

In 2005 an 11-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl were removed from the Moody’s care because the Moody’s kept them in wire cages at their horse farm inside of a horse stall. They also disciplined the kids by withholding food.

Locals are outraged at the lack of a real sentence and personally I don’t blame them. I would like to know how this spares the victims from further trauma. I realize the prosecutors may not want to have the kids testify but this sentence is a joke.