Texas nets 14 MySpace SO’s

Dallas-Fort Worth area sex offenders using MySpace arrested:

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is bragging that 14 Texas sex offenders were caught violating parole by using MySpace. He says that part rather proudly.

Mr. Abbott called Web sites like MySpace a “lions’ den” for sexual predators who use them “literally looking for the person they can next victimize.”

I bet he said the next part really really quiet.

Mr. Abbott said, however, that “there was no evidence” that the 14 people arrested last month had used MySpace to locate potential victims. Instead, all 14 were arrested after using the Internet, a violation of their parole.

While I’m happy that 14 sex offenders are off the streets Mr. Abbot falls into the same category as his contemporaries from Connecticut, North Carolina, and New York. Instead of demonizing sites like MySpace how about doing something about the parents that allow their kids unfettered access to the internet. Oh that’s right, because they’re the ones who vote. You wouldn’t want to piss them off would you?