Man accused of craigslist abduction

Gregory Rother

Gregory Rother

Man Abducts Woman He Met on Craigslist: Police:

Angry Jim over there is 26-year-old Gregory Rother of Fairfax, Virginia. He allegedly met a 23-year-old woman over craigslist and when he went to her house he brandished a pair of knives and ordered her to strip. After trashing the place he ordered her to get dressed and forced her into a car.

When they drove past a police officer the woman signaled the officer who pulled them over. The victim then ran to the police car.

No word on what section of craigslist they met over. I’m guessing casual encounters which could use some cleaning up as well.

And ladies, my advice to you is don’t hook up with people on craigslist.

Now that I think of it Rother reminds me of somebody.
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