Gregory Scott Serrano sentenced

Man sentenced to 17 years on porn, sex charges:

You can read all my posts about Gregory Scott Serrano here. He’s the 33-year-old scumbag from Monrovia, California who pleaded guilty to photographing and molesting several underage girls that he contacted through sites like MySpace and Netlog.

If he had been convicted at trial he could have been sentenced to life in prison. However since he plead guilty to child porn and child molestation charges he’s been sentenced to only 17 years.

He’ll be out by the time he’s 50 with a substantial amount of his life left. Unfortunately the girls he molested have to live with what he did for the rest of their lives.

Gregory Scott Serrano pleads guilty

Monrovia man pleads guilty to luring girls online:

I originally posted about Gregory Scott Serrano here and here. He’s the man from Monrovia, California who was indicted in Los Angeles County for molesting and/or taking nude pictures of 10 female victims ages 13 to 17. He met his victims through MySpace.

He originally pleaded not guilty but has now has changed his plea to guilty. Considering he was facing a life sentence I’m not surprised he changed his plea. He’s now looking at just a mere 20 years when he’s sentenced.

Serrano pleads not guilty

Man enters plea in child molestation, pornography case:

I originally posted about child molesting and child porn producing scumbag Gregory Scott Serrano here.

He stands accused of molesting 10 girls ages 13 to 17 and taking pornographic pictures of them. He allegedly posed as a 19-year-old and used MySpace and netlog to lure them. While in custody he also tried to get a relative of his to destroy evidence. He’s facing municipal and federal charges.

Anyway, the scumbag pleaded not guilty in Pasadena Superior Court yesterday. I can’t wait to hear the defense on this one. Then again it will probably be just like the comments I get around here. (He was a nice guy, etc.)

If convicted on the federal charges Serrano will be facing the wrong end of a life sentence.

L.A. area predator indicted

Sex Predator Uses MySpace to Lure Teens:

33-year-old Gregory Scott Serrano of Monrovia, California has been indicted for using MySpace to prey on underage girls. He’s accused of having sex or taking explicit photos of at least 10 victims. Authorities believe that there may be even more victims.

He’s been charged with…

…production of child pornography, using the Internet to entice minors to produce child pornography and to meet for sex, receipt of child pornography, possession of child pornography and attempted destruction of evidence.

Serrano was investigated when a 15-year-old victim came forward. It’s alleged that Serrano posed as a 19-year-old on MySpace to lure his victims.

And the cherry on this scumbag sundae?

After his March 12 arrest, Serrano allegedly contacted a family member and asked the relative to retrieve and hide a compact disc stashed inside a rollerblade in Serrano’s basement.

The FBI recovered the disc, who allegedly contained logs of e-mail conversations between Serrano and his victims, as well as child pornography depicting them

I’m sure I’ll still get comments telling me what a great guy he is and how he was framed.

Serrano could get life behind bars.