Memorial Middle School shooter released from detention

Joplin school shooter released from lockup:

Thomas White in 2009

Thomas White in 2009

One of the more the highly debated stories on this site was the one of Thomas White. In 2006 a 13-year–old White walked in to the halls of Memorial Middle School in Joplin, Missouri with his dad’s MAC-90. From what I can discern the MAC-90 is a variant of the infamous and ubiquitous AK-47. Hey look at me doing more research than most media outlets.

Anyway White fired some rounds into the air but the gun jammed. A shell casing failed to clear the gun so when White pointed the gun at his principal the gun did not fire. Only by a freak occurrence was no one killed. He claimed he was bullied but just like in so many other stories the claims were unsubstantiated and no ‘bullies’ were targeted. Even his father, Gregory White, was charged for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

White was sentenced in 2009 to spend up until his 21st birthday in a juvenile detention facility. A decision at the time I did not agree with. Two weeks ago however (always timely that Trench) White was released from said facility. Unlike most shooters I don’t think White is going to be much of a problem any more. According to reports he seems to have actually been rehabilitated. I still say that’s the exception and not the rule.

White plans on relocating to California which is probably for the best. I actually wish the kid the best of luck. Damn, I must be getting soft in my old age.

Florida man tried trading daughter for sex

Port St. Lucie Father Arrested In Sex Sting:

Gregory White of Port St. Lucie, Florida has been arrested for trying to trade his daughter for sex, his 2-year-old daughter.

White was in a chat room with an undercover police officer and asked “you want to swap? Or just watch me do yours?” The officer posed as a man with an 11-year-old daughter. White then allegedly asked in their chat if he could have anal sex with the officer’s daughter and that the officer could have oral sex with his daughter.

When White was arrested his alleged stripper wife told police that ‘he likes young girls’. Um…ew.

Someone please tell me why scumbags like this don’t get executed.

Thanks to Mr. A for the tip.

Gregory White sentenced

Joplin man convicted for having firearms, ammunition in house:

Gregory White, the father of Memorial Middle School shooter Thomas White, was sentenced to 18 months in a federal prison for possessing firearms as a convicted felon.

White had convictions of attempted burglary in Florida in 1980 and a meth conviction in California in 1988.

White’s attorney, federal public defender Ann Koszuth, argued for a sentence at the lower end of the range, referring to her client as “a very solid and good family man,” with a good work history and only a distant criminal past.

“This is a family that’s going to need its father back as quickly as possible,” Koszuth told the judge.

The judge said he recognized this was “not the typical case we see here for a felon in possession.”

“On the other hand, the number of guns you had is not just a slight violation,” Dorr said.

Seems like a fair sentence to me.

Missouri shooter's father pleads guilty

Father of Joplin school shooter pleads guilty:

Gregory White, the father of Memorial Middle school shooter Thomas White, has pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Springfield, Missouri to being a felon in possession of firearms and ammunition.

He’s looking at 10 years and $250K fine. A date for sentencing has not been announced yet and a hearing is being held today to see if Thomas White will be tried as an adult.

Like father like son

Joplin middle-school student could stand trial as adult:

Authorities in Joplin Missouri are seeking to have Thomas White tried as an adult. White is the 13-year-old who brought a MAC-90 assault weapon to Memorial Middle School and fired a round into the ceiling. The gun luckily jammed before any bloodshed could occur.

In related news White’s father, Gregory has pleaded guilty today to firearm possession. Since the elder White is a convicted felon he is not permitted to own firearms. He’s looking at a maximum of 10 years and a possible $250,000 fine.

Missouri middle school shooter’s father faces charges

Federal charge against father of boy in middle school shooting:

It seems that father of Memorial Middle School shooter Thomas White is in a little bit of trouble over the whole incident. Is it because he basically allowed his son to take a rifle to school? That would make sense but no. It turns out that Gregory Lynn White, 44, was charged with being a felon in possession of a gun. Mr. White has two felony convictions of burglary in Florida and drug possession in California. The elder White is looking at a year in prison.