Son of Village Voice founder calls on backpage to remove prostitution ads


Village Voice Founder’s Son Criticizes Company for Advertisements That Others Can Use for Sex Trafficking of Minors, Joins Groundswell Campaign:

Normally I don’t link to press releases but this one is kind of big. But first a little history lesson.

As I’ve mentioned many times before backpage is owned by Village Voice Media. Before there was VVM there was just The Village Voice newspaper in New York City. That paper was partly founded by journalist, author and playwright Norman Mailer.

Now one of Mailer’s sons, John Buffalo Mailer, is calling on backpage to shut down the adult ads…

“The Village Voice was born out of the desire for an independent media voice for the people, a voice that had the freedom and authority to hold those who abuse power accountable for their actions,” said John Buffalo Mailer.

“While I understand firsthand the financial difficulties facing all print publications today, the fact of the matter is that Village Voice is making money from selling advertisements that others have used to buy and sell minors for sex.””As my father’s son, knowing all of the hopes and dreams that went into the work of creating this particular paper, the Village Voice appears to have lost its way from the days when Dan Wolfe, Ed Fancher, and my father began it,”

Mailer continued. “For the sake of the Village Voice brand and for the sake of the legacy of a great publication, take down the adult section of, before the Village Voice must answer for yet another child who is abused and exploited because you did not do enough to prevent it.”

Mr. Mailer has also joined with the group Groundswell which previously took out a full-page ad in the New York Times to call on backpage to remove the adult ads.

Again how sad is it that the paper who used to fight for the little guy supposedly is now making a huge chunk of change off of the little guy, or in this case little girls?

Clergy appeal to backpage to stop trafficking, Backpage tells them to get lost

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Clergy petition Village Voice to drop ads linked to sex trafficking:

A group of multi-faith clergy known as The Groundswell Movement have taken out a full-page ad in the New York Times (above) pleading Village Voice Media and backpage to stop in the sexual trafficking if women and children.

The letter they sent VVM should have only been the first sentence of the letter.

It is a basic fact of the moral universe that girls and boys should not be sold for sex.

That should be a universal truth whether you’re a person of faith or faithless.

Of course the child trafficking scum at Village Voice Media don’t think so.

This is what they had to say in response

Neither government officials nor God’s advocates can dictate such arbitrary control of business or speech.

First off you’ll notice that none of the cowards at VVM had the balls to put their name to their dreck.

Secondly they should be ashamed of wrapping themselves in the fucking First Amendment when what they’re doing is depriving women and children of their basic freedoms.

Let’s boil it down to its basic elements. Backpage and Village Voice Media are accepting money for advertisements where women and children are being forced into sexual slavery. Most people would be appalled at this but not the greedy bastards at VVM. They would probably sell their own daughters on backpage if they thought it would get them another buck.

And the fact that the majority of people in the so-called land of the free turn a blind eye to this makes me sick. Why aren’t more people aware of this? What are you doing about it? Anything? Probably not. So how about getting off your ass and doing something about it? Write your paper. write the politicians, hell even write to Village Voice Media. Do something.

Right now there are more people in slavery in this country than there were during the Civil War. If that doesn’t make you feel like doing something than you’re just as hopeless as Village Voice Media.