Pot smelling tot leads to grow operation bust

Mark Biondolillo

Mark Biondolillo

Kindergarten Student Smells of Pot, Father Arrested:

In Leicester, New York a 5-year-old boy allegedly went to his kindergarten class reeking of weed. This led police to investigate the home of his burnout Breeder, 41-year-old Mark Biondolillo.

Not only did they just find weed on the premises but they also allegedly found a grow operation that included over one hundred marijuana plants. Biondolillo was charged with child endangerment along with the various drug charges.

Now I know we are going to get the militant stoners in here who are going to say what’s the big deal and I’ll tell you. The first is a kid can’t reek of weed just from the plants unless he was rolling around in a Hefty bag full of weed. That means that more than likely that copious amounts of weed were being smoked around the boy. The second thing is that when you run a grow operation in your house it is inviting several other factions of criminal elements into your home. The house could have been in a home invasion of people looking to rob the Breeder or a competing dealer could have looked to eliminate the competition in a violent way. But the burnouts would have you believe that weed is some magical fairy plant that makes everyone fart rainbows and sing Kumbya.

The boy was turned over to his mother. I hope she regrets ever hooking up with that loser.

Thanks to Kim at the Facebook page for the tip.

Grow operation in baby’s room

Marijuana found growing in baby’s bedroom, 4 arrested during raid in Putnam:

Police in Putnam, Conn. have arrested 4 after finding an extensive marijuana operation inside a residence yesterday. Not only did police find large amounts of weed but also a fake handgun made to look like a real one, some cash and a grow operation. And did I mention that the plants were growing in the bedroom of an infant.

Those arrested were Andres Pagan, 20, and Kristi King, 25, who were the main tenants of the residence. I’m going to assume that one or both of them were the Breeders. Also arrested were Carlos Maldonado, 21, and Luis M. Santiago Jr., 22.

No matter what your feelings on weed are it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still illegal and if you get caught with it there’s a damn good chance that you could lose your kids over it.

11-month-old busts dad’s pot operation

Tot’s 911 call leads cops to daddy’s grow-op:

A 29-year-old man from White Rock, British Columbia was arrested after police received a 911 call from inside the house. The person who made the call hung up so police were sent to investigate. While there police discovered a 500 plant pot growing operation. But who could have possibly called 911? That’s when police found his 11-month-old son playing with the phone dialing random numbers.

He probably would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for his meddling kid.

Just another reason why you shouldn’t be an asshat that has drugs and kids in the same house.

Thanks to KZ for the tip.