Idaho school district bought guns in case of school shooting

And not one of these either. Get it? Because Idaho.

And not one of these either. Get it? Because Idaho.

All joking aside the Garden Valley School District in Idaho has purchased an undisclosed amount of firearms and are have said to have trained six of their staff in case a school shooting were to happen there. While I do support the 2nd amendment this is not a good idea.

First off the article states that it takes 45 minutes for police to get to the school which would be a somewhat reasonable argument however when I looked up the schools on Google Maps this is what I found.


Granted I don’t live even remotely close to Garden Valley so if I have the wrong location or the police department is only an annex station by all means correct me.

But what it really comes down to is two things. The first is unless they served in the military or in law enforcement there’s no amount of training that can prepare school employees for an active shooter situation unless they continue to undergo ongoing training and even then there’s still no guarantee that armed teachers would cause more good than harm. Secondly, and this is the most important part, if there are guns in a school, no matter how secure they may be, it can become a temptation for would be shooters from within the school. If a kid is determined enough, and we’ve seen some abnormally determined kids over the years, they will find their way to the guns come hell or high water.

Trench on guns on campus


I’m going to make no bones about this. Allowing guns on college campuses is a stupid idea.

The logic is supposed to be that having guns carried by students will prevent another Virginia Tech. There are some major flaws in logic with that argument. The first is that Cho Seung-Hui legally purchased the guns that he used to commit the worst school shooting in American history. The second is that if students would be allowed to carry guns that they would be able to prevent a Virginia Tech style shooting and prevent innocent deaths. I’m a believer in the opposite that if students were allowed to carry guns on campus and a shooting broke out the return fire would probably injure or kill more students than it would potentially save. Not to mention with armed, emotional and mostly drunk college students that is just creating more Chos.

And armed society is not a polite society. Our society is armed but you’d have to be blind and dumb to think that we’re polite.

Robin Kittrell released early

Student with cache of guns released early:

Robin Kittrell was the teen who brought an arsenal of weapons to school thinking he could prevent a Columbine situation at Whitewater High School in Georgia. As part of his sentence Kittrell was in a juvenile psychiatric facility, but now he’s out and the local community isn’t pleased. He wasn’t supposed to be released until April or May and now he’s out and the community was not notified to their satisfaction.

While previously I would have said that the community has their panties in a wad over nothing now I’m not so sure…

The order goes on to state, “While the defendant remains distant from others in his dorm, seems to have very few social interactions; has a chip on his shoulder regarding his incarceration; and likes for others to see him as a victim; the superintendent believes that he has probably received the full benefit of the detention center program.”

This does not bode well. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think that I am.

Kittrell denied early release

Judge declines to release student on gun case:

One of the more bizarre stories I’ve posted about in the past few years was that of Robin Kittrell. He was the student from Whitewater High School in Georgia who brought an arsenal of weapons to the school in order to prevent a school shooting.

During his trial he claimed that he left the weapons in his car accidentally for a trip that he was going on. I don’t know what kind of trip requires two rifles, two handguns, and a sword but whatever.

Kittrell pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to two years in a detention center.

Kittrell received his GED in detention and has requested an early release. The judge has denied that request stating that he would like to see Kittrell receive his high school diploma while in detention before considering early release.

While I think that Kittrell should have been sentenced to detention it may be for the best since he’s still receiving an education.

I hope he’s also receiving mental health treatment as well.

Armed teachers in Texas

Guns Allowed on Campus in North Texas School District:

The Harrold Independent School District in North Texas has decided that teachers will now be allowed to carry guns to prevent a Columbine or Virginia Tech. Personally I think this one of the most idiotic ideas I’ve ever heard.

Teachers barely discipline their students as it is because of fear of lawsuits. Do you think one is actually going to open fire in a crowded classroom and risk hitting an innocent? I seriously doubt it.

The flip side to that argument is what if there is a gunman and a shootout ensues and an innocent is struck by a teacher’s bullet? The school is a no win situation either way. Not to mention what if a student steals a teacher’s gun and uses it in a school shooting.

What if you have one of those child touching teachers we keep hearing about. This just gives them one more option of coercion.

I think the negatives greatly outweigh the positives. As a matter of fact I can’t even think of one positive.