Trench reviews Into the Wild Life by Halestorm


I don’t want to overhype this but Into The Wild Life is the best Halestorm album so far. It is their heaviest album by far and a little more dark than previous albums. Even the ballads are heavy. Now I’m not talking about sacrificing babies in satanic rituals dark but the album has just enough of a darker edge on it to make it so entertaining to me.

I can not stop listening to this album. Most albums I buy these days I listen to it a couple of times before adding it to the eternal shuffle mix. I’ve been listening to this near flawless album for over a week.

4 1/2 fedoras out of 5

Here’s my favorite track off the album right now, ‘Amen’.

Six Degrees of Dio: Halestorm


If you’ve been following my site for a while you should know by now that one of my current favorite bands is Halestorm. Not only are they the best female fronted bands to come along since Joan Jett and the Blackhearts they’re one of the best pure rock bands to have come around in an awfully long time.

Even in their relatively short time in the national and even global spotlight even Halestorm has a connection to Dio.


Lzzy Hale appeared with Mike Portnoy on the latest Adrenaline Mob album. Mike Portnoy has been in several projects with Billy Sheehan. Billy Sheehan has played with Ozzy. Ozzy to Sabbath to Dio.

Now Here’s I Miss The Misery, my favorite song off of Halestorm’s latest album The Strange Case Of…

Trench reviews The Strange Case Of… by Halestorm


I’ve been a huge fan of Halestorm since I saw them at the Uproar Festival in 2010. I loved their debut album, I thought it was almost flawless. I bought the ReAnimate EP when it came out and was amazed how they could take some crappy songs and make them into amazing covers. I bought the Mz. Hyde EP when it came out. That had 4 songs from the new album on it and I thought that if the rest of the album is this good it will be better than the first one. Alas I overhyped the new album to myself because it didn’t quite reach the punch of the first album.

Don’t get me wrong this is still a phenomenal album. In my opinion Lzzy Hale is the best female rock musician since Joan Jett. She writes with a raw sexuality without being overly crude that some female artists do to overcompensate for not being male. This album has a lot of that but not as much as the first album.

Also when I bought the new album I thought it was too ballad heavy but the more I listened to the album the more I realized that some of the ballads are really really good.

The main reason that The Strange Case Of… isn’t as good as the first album is because it has more skippable tracks than the first album. On the first album there was only one song that I didn’t really care for. On this album There were two tracks that weren’t my cup of tea and one of them was a bonus track. I find the song American Boys, which is one of the skippable ones, reminds me too much of early 90s hair metal.

While it sounds that I am trashing this album this is not the case at all. Halestorm is one of the most entertaining bands I’ve listened to in quite a long time and The Strange Case Of… is definitely a hard rock album that not only kicks ass but will also having you waving your lighter in the air.

4 fedoras out of 5.

Now here they are with my favorite song off the album I Miss the Misery.

Halestorm collaborating with Weezer?



Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo Working With Halestorm On New Album:

I love Halestorm. Personally I think they’re one of the best rock bands to come along in decades and Lzzy Hale is the best female talent since Joan Jett. Having said that I’m not surprised that Rivers Cuomo of Weezer is helping Halestorm with their next album.

Granted I am far from a huge Weezer fan however even I know that Rivers Cuomo knows his music no matter what genre.

I don’t know if they can top their debut album but it’s looking pretty good to me.