Drinking and driving…. just another day at the beach


Parents charged with child endangerment after driving drunk with children in car

Above we have dumb and dumber…. aka James Lee (54) and his lovely wife Wendy Lee (43), of San Carlos, CA.  These two and their 4 children (3 boys and 1 girl) ranging in age from 2-years-old to 8-years-old spent Jan.22nd at the beach in Half Moon Bay.  Sounds like a great day, right?  Wrong!

It appears dumb and dumber took their kids to the beach, where they proceeded to drink heavily the entire day.  Sounds like a great time, as a child I had a father who drank for nearly every occasion and I can remember clearly wishing to be anywhere but with my dad the day never ended well.  It didn’t for these kids either.  Mom and Dad decided it was time to go and loaded their most precious cargo into the family vehicle and headed home.  Yes, they both drank ALL day then put their children into a vehicle.  At about 5 pm police were notified of a reckless driver and a responding officer spotted the families vehicle.  James Lee rolled through a stop sign, almost hit another car and was pulled over.  The officer found in the car… 14 empty beer cans, an empty bottle of rum, and inebriated Wendy Lee and their 4 children.  Both parents were completely intoxicated to the point of being unable to stand when they were asked to get out of the vehicle.  OMG, I have to tell you this makes me FURIOUS!  James Lee’s blood-alcohol level was .25 and Wendy’s was .24, yep, both of them were three times the legal limit.  WTF, why in the hell would you ever be so careless?  If you dumbasses want to get drunk and drive around with each other so be it, risk your one freakin lives, DO NOT put the kids in the car with you.  One of the children told the police that James pulled the van over twice on the way home to drink more beer.  Well shit… he didn’t want to be distracted from opening his beer by that pesky steering wheel.  Here’s idea brainfart… instead of pulling over to drink it up, pull it over and call someone to come drive your children home safely.  Shit!

James was also driving on a suspended license because of …. wait for it … drunk driving and was not supposed to be with his wife under the conditions of a restraining order.  Hmmmmm, do we have one of those mean, I’ll beat on my woman kinda drunks on our hands?  My guess.. Hell Yes!

James was sentenced to 6 months in jail after pleading no contest to drunk driving and one count of child endangerment.  Wendy will serve 45 days for child endangerment.

Let me say this… I feel for these kids, my sisters and myself grew up with a father who drank everyday, every holiday, every birthday and still to this day shows up with a cooler of beer when he comes to visit.  I know how it feels to sit all day at a family function and wonder how the trip home is going to be, my dad never batted an eye at loading us into a car after drinking all day and heading home.  I remember being in the car from Michigan to Missouri (12-13 hour trip) and him drinking while we made the drive, in snowstorms in the middle of December.  I remember the fear of him losing control and wishing my mom would take over the driving but she never did because she was afraid of my father and when he drank he’d become horribly mean and abusive to her.  My sisters and I would just sit back together and hope we made it through the drive without anyone getting hurt or yelled, because when he was drunk you never knew what might set him off.  We hated, hated, hated when my dad would tell us that we were going on our boat for the day.  We knew it meant, all of us getting bitched at for a few hours while we got out on the water, then him drinking while we were out there and if we were lucky… he’d stay in a good mood, if we weren’t lucky… well I’ll let you figure it out.  I have never let my children see me drink; my father is not allowed to drink in their presence.  I swore I’d never let them grow up like I did.  I love my father, I am who I am because of him, but I do not agree with what he subjected us to as children and I feel the same way about these two.  Once you decide to become a parent, you first responsibility it to your children.  Drinking should never be a part of a family day at the beach.  NEVER!

All in all this one has a happy ending, no child was beaten, raped or killed.  But it is sad none-the-less these 4 kids are probably so accustom to their parents’ lifestyle they had no idea what sort of danger they were actually in.

Thanks to Steve for the tip.