Like Father, Like Son!

Christopher and Lionell Dangerfield

Father and son face death penalty cases 

Death penalty indictments for father and son 

Father faces death penalty in son’s death 

Father charged with son’s death 

Boyfriend charged in baby’s death 

Ok my BB friends, if this one doesn’t just piss us all off I am not sure what will.  Above we have father and son, Christopher Dangerfield (48) and his spawn of hate Lionell Dangerfield (26), both of Cincinnati.  These two are both evil child-abusing murderers.  

Christopher has been arrested and charged with aggravated murder, murder and one count of child endangering in the death of his 3-year-old son Tyrese Short on December 28th.  Father Hell called paramedics to his home reporting that his child had collapsed.  Little Tyrese was taken to Children’s Hospital where he was pronounced dead.  The Hamilton County Coroner ruled his death homicide as a result of blunt force trauma to the stomach.  The autopsy revealed past injuries including a spiral fracture to the tibia, burns of the face and arms and healing rib fractures.  Gawd Damn, you fucking monster, he was 3-years-old, what in hell could he have done to deserve that sort of treatment.  Dude… right here makes me sick! 

The story doesn’t end there.  It seems evil runs in this family, Christopher’s adult son Lionell, is resting his ass in the same county jail as good ole dad.  I bet you can’t guess for what?  Go ahead guess….   I’m waiting!!!  Yep, he has been indicted for the May 2010 death of his girlfriend’s 3-month-old daughter Zhi Merah Binford.  Spawn of Satan was watching the little Zhi while her mother was out, when she returned her baby appeared to be sleeping.  The next morning, her mother found her dead.  The Hamilton County Coroner ruled her death a homicide as a result of blunt force trauma.  He has been charged with aggravated murder, murder and felonious assault. 

Both of these evil child killing motherfuckers face and should get the death penalty if convicted.  

Take it away… my BB friends.  Have at it with these two!  

 I cannot find a whole lot on either story I would love to know more about the son’s case.  If  anyone finds anything or any updates please share.  

Thanks to Michelle for the tip!