San Antonio mutant free to walk among us for now

Jorge L. Alfrao

Jorge L. Alfrao

Former Harlandale student accused of massacre plot out on bond:

Jorge L. Alfrao of San Antonio, Texas was arrested in April of 2009 for wanting to attack his former high school, Harland High. This wasn’t some bitter loser complaining about his former high school either. He tried to leave the house armed with shotguns, handguns, and body armor. The then 22-year-old was upset at being allegedly bullied at the school. Again, boo-hoo. You’ve been out of school for 4 years. Get over it.

Alfaro’s mom was not only able to talk him out of it but called the police as well. Go mom.

Apparently I missed the part about where he was sentenced by a federal judge to 18 months in the nut hatch. After he was released the state of Texas charged him on weapons charges stating that one of the shotguns was sawed off to illegal measurements. However he was able to post bond and is now walking free among us, or at least the residents of San Antonio.

Let’s see how long it takes before he ends up in jail again.

San Antonio mutant ruled competent

Jorge L. Alfrao

Jorge L. Alfrao

School attack plot suspect competent:

I originally posted about San Antonio, Texas mutant Jorge L. Alfaro here and here. Alfaro was arrested last year at the age of 22 for wanting to shoot up his former high school, Harland High School. His mom talked him out of it when he was leaving the house with an arsenal and body armor. She also turned him in. He was allegedly angry at his former high school about the way he was treated. He was also found to have writings about Columbine and Virginia Tech.

So like I said in my previous posts he carried this hate for 4 years and was going to attack a high school where if he was bullied, and boo hoo about that, none of his alleged tormenters would have even been there.

His attorney said that they would be seeking an insanity defense. However he has recently been ruled competent to stand trial.

He’s looking at 10 years behind bars if found guilty. I’m sure he’ll be nice and well-adjusted when he gets out.

San Antonio mutant to plead insanity

Harlandale threat suspect to seek insanity defense:

22-year-old mutant Jorge L. Alfaro from San Antonio, Texas was arrested for wanting to take what could only be described as an arsenal to his old high school, Harlandale High. Luckily he was talked out of it by his mom who also happened to call police while Jorge went to seek treatment.

Yesterday he was indicted on gun charges and his lawyers plan on an insanity defense. They might not be too far off. I mean look at him. Not the picture of mental health.

By seeking an insanity defense, Alfaro will be administered psychological evaluations behind the walls of the U.S. Bureau of Prisons. That could take months.

Aw, what a shame. If he is a loony toon they better put him some place secure and not some place with pizza and video games.

San Antonio school shooting plot thwarted

Jorge L. Alfrao

Jorge L. Alfrao

Cops say a local Columbine foiled:

That cheery individual is 22-year-old Jorge L. Alfaro of San Antonio, Texas. He was arrested on Monday for planning to shoot up Harlandale High School. The school he used to attend.

This was no mere joke either. Alfaro was leaving his house with two shotguns, three handguns, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and body armor. He allegedly told his mother he was going to shoot up his former high school for the way they treated him. For the sake of argument let’s say he graduated at the age of 18. That would mean he graduated from high school in 2005. 4 years ago.

Luckily his mom convinced him to seek mental help and while he was at the hospital she called police. Go mom.

Getting back to Alfaro himself it seems that his middle initial stands for loser. He claims that he was beaten up and harassed in school and that he had no friends. He worked most recently at a fast food joint. I bet he cooked the fries.

And yes he is in fact a mutant.

Authorities said they also found a notebook filled with detailed plans and notes about the 1999 Columbine High School massacre and the 2007 shootings at Virginia Tech University.

At least he picked an original date. He wanted to commit the shootings Monday and then kill himself because that was his birthday.

Four years, possibly, after leaving high school and this assclown wanted to go back and shoot the place up when more than likely anybody he went to school with wasn’t even there anymore.

The stupidity of these chuds never fails to amaze me.

I’ll have more on Alfaro as details are released.