Kahala Panty Burglar sent back to jail

Probation revoked for sex offender:

I posted about Hawaiian sex offender Harrison Mew before. He was known back in the 80’s as the Kahala Panty Burglar.”

He was also found recently to be on craigslist under a false name advertising for female “roommates”.

Now Mew has had his probation revoked and has been sent back to prison for five years. Not near long enough for a sexual predator like Mew but even in Hawaii a prison Is still a prison.

Dangerous Hawaiian sex offender on craigslist

Prison term sought for Hawaii sex offender:

57-year-old Harrison Mew was arrested back in the 80’s for a series of burglaries that got him labeled the “Kahala Panty Burglar.” You can pretty much guess what he was stealing. He was sentenced to 10 years for that. The stalkings and harassing phone calls to victims may have had something to do with that sentence.

In 1999 he was indicted for the sexual assault of 19-year-old girl who was so drunk she couldn’t even stand.

In 2007 he was cited for not following Hawaii’s sex offender registry laws.

So where did he end up from there? Why craigslist of course. In August he allegedly posted an ad on craigslist asking for female roommates in an executive mansion.

And again he’s been allegedly trying to dodge registry laws.

Not only should this clown have never seen the light of day but it should come as no surprise that this degenerate and registered sex offender would be trolling for possible victims on craigslist.