Plea deal reached in Walker Middle hazing case

2 teens take deals, get probation in Walker Middle assault case:

Two of the suspects in the Walker Middle School hazing case have agreed to plea deals. The deals were reached since the victim did not want to have to testify at trial.

Diemante Roberts, 16, and Raymond Price-Murray, 15, received 5 years probation for sodomizing a younger flag football teammate with a hockey stick and a broom stick.

After the 5 years is up the pair will have no criminal record and will not be placed in the sex offender registry.

Now the question is can these rapists go the 5 years without getting into any more trouble. I doubt it but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Sierra Vista Hazer Sentenced

Sierra Vista Basketball Player Sentenced in Hazing Case:

The Sierra Vista High basketball player who was not found guilty of sexual assault, even though he stuck his finger in another player’s ass, was sentenced for other charges yesterday…

A Sierra Vista High School basketball player was sentenced Friday afternoon for his role in a hazing incident.

A judge ordered the teen to serve thirty days in the Clark County Juvenile Detention Center plus two years probation.

The teen was found delinquent on battery and lewdness charges stemming from a hazing incident involving Sierra Vista’s basketball team.

Players piled on top of the victim, but it was the defendant who took the rough-housing to a violent level.

Prosecutor Mary Brown said, “The primary focus is that they want to get this young man help and to make sure there is not another victim.”

The teen was handcuffed and brought to the detention center immediately after the sentencing.

Maybe now he’ll think twice before giving some kid and involuntary rectal exam.

No sexual assault charge for Sierra Vista hazer

No sexual assault charges for Sierra Vista basketball player:

A judge says there is not enough evidence to find a Sierra Vista High School basketball player guilty of sexually assaulting a fellow teammate. The 17 year old student was being tried as a juvenile in family court.

In the end, the judge says there wasn’t enough evidence presented to prove “penetration”. He did however find the teen delinquent of open and gross lewdness as well as battery.

A hearing will be held later this month to determine the punishment for the student.

When I posted the last story about this trial I asked since when did getting digitally sodomized become “horseplay”?

A#1 commenter Jim jokingly shot back with “Depends which digit and how many knuckles deep it goes”.

I guess he was right.

I guess the suspect would have to be prison raping the victim in front of a school assembly to prove “penetration”.

Sierra Vista High hazing trial starts

High School Hazing Trial Gets Underway:

The trial in the Sierra Vista High School hazing charges has begun. Some really disturbing quotes in this article…

Opening statements got underway today in the case against the 17-year-old Sierra Vista High School student charged with sexually assaulting one of his varsity basketball team mates.

Was this hazing incident a case of sexual assault or just boys being boys? The prosecution says it was rape the defense says it was horseplay.

Prosecutor Mary Brown said, “It’s a game we play we call it play rape.”

Defense attorney Frank Cremen said, “The evidence will show that my client did not commit the offenses that he is accused of. There was conduct that night that was horseplay and it might well be expected in any boys sporting activity.”

Since when did getting digitally sodomized become “horseplay”? And is the UFIA now expected in any boys sporting activity?

And we have allegations of an administration cover-up…

The Metro officer who originally responded to the victim’s home also testified. When he arrived he says the victim was on the phone with the vice principal of Sierra Vista High School.

The officer spoke with the vice principal and testified that he said, “Can’t this just wait until after basketball season?”

Someone better start updating his résumé.

Sierra Vista High hazer pleads not guilty

Student in Sierra Vista Hazing Enters Denial Plea:

The 17-year-old basketball player from Sierra Vista High School in Las Vegas who is accused of giving a 14-year-old teammate an involuntary rectal exam, denied the charges against him in court yesterday. That was to be expected but the request made by the defense attorney amazed me to no end…

The suspect is suspended from school and on house arrest. His attorney says he’s a good prospect for a basketball scholarship and asked if the teenager could continue to play while waiting the outcome of the case.

“If that happens there may be some tournament play,” Cremen said. “He would be accompanied at all times either by his grandfather, uncle both of whom are here today or his mother.”

You’re kidding me, right? This kid is facing sexual assault charges and all he’s worried about is basketball. The “reasoning” behind the jock mentality never ceases to amaze me. But here’s what makes it worse…

“There was an incident before the charges were filed in this case where the victim felt intimidated, Prosecutor Mary Brown said. “In the end District Judge William Voy allowed the 17-year-old to play again.

“We need to keep the two separate,” Voy said. “Work it out ok.”

The only condition is the two cannot be at the same gym or in a league where the two boys will play each other on the basketball court.

Nothing like rewarding the suspect and punishing the victim.

Sierra Vista Hazer Under House Arrest

Accused teen hazer on house arrest:

The kid who has been charged in the Sierra Vista hazing incident that I told you about yesterday has been placed under house arrest. I assume until his sentencing. The article isn’t that specific. However, I have an issue with the way the article is downplaying the assault…

Last month, a new player on the Sierra Vista High School varsity basketball team said several players pinned him down in the locker room. He says one of them pulled down his pants and touched him. That teen is the only one charged.

If by touching him they mean “checked his prostate” then yes he was “touched”.

Since the suspect is a juvenile if he is found guilty of sexual assault then he can be sentenced to up six months in a “youth center” or be placed on probation.

Charges in Sierra Vista High hazing

Charges filed in alleged Sierra Vista High hazing incident:

I told you about the Sierra High School hazing incident here. Basically, six basketball team members jumped a freshman player and one of them gave him the old UFIA. Well, only one of the alleged attackers us facing charges. I’m going to assume it’s Stinkyfinger himself. The article is extremely light on details which is not surprising considering I’ve received comments from a couple of people with connections to the school that said they’re not surprised that the school is trying to keep this under the radar.

We now interrupt this blog for A SPECIAL REPORT


Dr. Scott of Polite Dissent was nice enough to send me this article. In wake of the Sierra Vista High hazing incident, the Las Vegas Review-Journal decided to follow it up with A SPECIAL REPORT on hazing. They interviewed some former high school athletes for their SPECIAL REPORT and read what some of them had so say about hazing…

“It’s humorous, and a little cruel, but you think, hey, you know what, they (the seniors) did the same thing to me a couple years ago,” said former Centennial wrestler Chris Fletcher, 20, who acknowledged throwing clothed, younger wrestlers into showers and duct-taping others to chairs.

And the cycle of abuse perpetuates.

“They didn’t enjoy it while it was happening, but they enjoyed it when they were varsity players and got to do it,” said Ronald Tekpho, 20, who played football and ran track for Valley before graduating in 2003.

Many of the former athletes expressed disgust with allegations surrounding a Feb. 3 incident at Sierra Vista that has left six basketball players facing expulsion and felony charges.

The players are accused of pinning down a younger teammate while at least one of them penetrated his rectum with fingers.

“Hazing is supposed to be fun,” Tekpho said, “not a violation of somebody.”

Asked to elaborate on “fun” types of hazing, Tekpho described spraying a locker with a water hose while a junior varsity player was trapped inside.

“He was screaming, ‘It’s cold, it’s cold! Let me out of here!’ ” said a chuckling Tekpho, a Community College of Southern Nevada student who aspires to be a police officer. “We let him out. We weren’t going to let him die in there.”

While I’m glad that he is disgusted about sexual assault the fact that he’s giddy over false imprisonment doesn’t make me feel any better. And the fact that he’s trying to be a cop makes me fearful.

Playing varsity football for Chaparral in the late 1990s, Steve Puterski and his teammates had one rule after randomly choosing a younger athlete to haze.

“There was no hitting in the face or the groin,” said Puterski, now a 25-year-old journalist in Greeley, Colo. “We just basically beat them in the arms and legs, so they’d be sore but not seriously hurt.”

Puterski says he was similarly hazed years earlier as a junior varsity player.

“They all just kind of took a turn. It was like a senior’s privilege,” he said. “Maybe 10 or 15 guys would come and give you three or four licks each, then they’d help you up, and one of them would give you a ride home. It was just a tradition.”

So how long will it be before forced sodomy among high school athletes becomes “tradition”?

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

Sierra Vista High Hazing Incident

School attack alleged:

Another high school athletic hazing incident has been reported. This time it’s from Sierra Vista High School in Las Vegas, Nevada…

The incident, which took place about 5:45 p.m. on Feb. 3 in the school’s gymnasium, involved members of Sierra Vista’s boys varsity basketball team. Six or more players jumped a newcomer to the squad and took him to the floor. One or more of the attackers inserted fingers into the victim’s rectum, sources said.

And once again there are allegations of a coverup…

Sources familiar with the incident also are raising questions about the conduct of a Sierra Vista administrator. Educators are required by law to report abuse involving minors. In this incident, sources said that the victim was reluctant to step forward. His mother first called police.

“This administrator tried to dissuade the (victim’s) mother from reporting it,” one source said. “He also asked Metro (police) to postpone the investigation until after the game.”

A school administrator trying to cover up a crime by an athletic team. Go figure.

I will give the school this much credit, the athletes involved have been suspended and face expulsion. Police are also saying that those involved may be looking at felony charges.

I wonder how long it will be before someone defends this instance of sexual sadism as “boys being boys”.

Link via Bad Jocks.

Dr. Broom Fallout

McGill receives sanctions for hazing incident:

McGill University, the Canadian university that is home to the hazing ritual known as Dr. Broom, has had the hammer dropped on them by the Quebec Student Sport Federation in wake of the aforementioned Dr, Broom hazing scandal. To refresh your memory about the good doctor…

An 18-year-old rookie alleged he was sexually assaulted with a broomstick by a veteran player while others looked on and cheered. The rookie filed a complaint and left the university shortly afterwards.

Anyway, Mcgill has been fined $30,000, its team has been banned from having any home games televised in 2006 or 2007, they’ve been banned from hosting a Quebec conference playoff game in 2006, and the team will be on probation for a year.

I don’t know how McGill ranks within Canadian college football programs but if this were to happen in the states the NCAA would probably not even bat an eyelash.