Pittsburgh boy burnt in house of 50 cats

BroermanPolice arrest parents of boy severely burned by space heater:

Putrid North Side home where 2-year-old boy was burned horrifies officials:

That distraught looking couple are Carl Broerman, 33, and Jessica Burrell, 23, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They’ve been arrested on child neglect charges but the word neglect is a severe understatement.

Their 2-year-old son was severely burnt when a jury-rigged gas heater spilled over and set him on fire. There was no actual heater in the home and the faux-heater was hooked into the gas line.

Let’s not also forget the 50 cats in the home and the dog that was covered in sores. Not to mention the pre-requisite animal feces that go along with all those animals.

Also the only food in the house was milk and ketchup which contrary to popular belief is not a vegetable.

And get this, Boerman says that since they sought medical treatment for their son that they did nothing wrong.

You did plenty wrong there Pally. There is help out there for people who need it. When I lived in Jersey it was illegal there for a gas or power company to turn off the heat in the winter not to mention many of the assistance programs that a lot of these companies have to help out needy families. Which makes me wonder what was the real underlying factor to why they didn’t have heat.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.