Mom convinces daughter to have sex with boyfriend to lift curse

Witness: Mom talked me into sex at age 9:

A 16-year-old girl testified in a Philadelphia court room this past week that when she was 9 her mom convinced her to have sex with the mother’s boyfriend in order to lift a Santeria curse on the family.

The girl said that the notion of a curse seemed real at the time; her mother had just lost her job and her mother’s boyfriend recently had been sent to prison.

The boyfriend, 59-year-old Hector Ayala, is on trial for child rape. The girl’s mother has been charged with conspiracy and sexual assault for allowing it to happen. Her name is being withheld to protect the daughter’s identity.

She said Ayala performed oral sex on her every day after school for a week, while her mother lay in bed next to her, holding her hand.

Of course it didn’t end there. It eventually became full on sex and Ayala allegedly recruited some of her friends as well.

I don’t care what religion you do or don’t practice otr even how uneducated you might be. Common sense tells you that there is never any reason to let some man have sex with your underage daughter.

I hope they both go away for a long time.