Trench in the Security Executive press

Mr. Safety Keeps Watch on MySpace Security:

This is an excellent article by Sarah D. Scalet for CSO Online about MySpace’s CSO Hemanshu Nigam and the job he’s been doing since he was hired.

Yours truly happened to be interviewed for the article as well. I think that Mr. Nigam is doing the best job possible but his hands are tied with the nature of the internet…

Still, the reports of unsavory characters on the site continue, as attested by a quick visit to the crowded, which tracks crimes related to MySpace and other social networking sites. “I don’t think whatever security measures [Nigam] put in place are being all that effective,” says Trench Reynolds, the nom de blog of the North Carolina dad and “9 to 5-er” who runs the site in his spare time. “MySpace can only do so much on their end of things. Parents need to do a better job monitoring their kids’ activities.”

Thanks again to Ms. Scalet for taking the time out to interview me.