Long Island shoebox mom arrested

Mom Who Abandoned Baby In Shoebox Arrested:

Last Sunday a newborn baby was found in the lobby of a Hempstead, NY apartment building. The baby was found in a Timberland’s shoebox completely soiled with the umbilical cord tied off with dental floss.

This past Wednesday the birth organism accused of dumping the baby was arrested. 25-year-old Xiomara Gamez was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment to a child and is being held on $500,000 bond or $250,000 cash bail.

Gamez has six other children who live with their father and she claims she’s addicted to cocaine which is why she allegedly dumped the baby.

According to the National Safe Haven Alliance New York law says that a baby can be left up to 5 days old, with any responsible person.

Last time I checked a shoebox was not a responsible person. Then again neither are pregnant c*cke addicts.

Thanks to Jinx for the tip.