NY sex offender caught on MySpace

Henry Bossick

Henry Bossick

Steuben County Sheriff: Man violates Megan’s Law with MySpace:

Registered Sex Offender Registered for Allegedly Contacting Girl Through Myspace:

39-year-old Henry D. Bossick of Cameron, New York is a registered level 3 sex offender. He was allegedly caught talking dirty to an underage girl from Iowa on MySpace. That’s a big no-no in New York for registered sex offenders in New York.

They’re supposed to register all their e-mail addresses and social networking profiles with the state. The one he used was not registered. Now he’s been charged with a felony charge of failure to report an Internet account and identifier information.

No word on what his original charge was or how he got busted this time.

Just another reason to get rid of the sex offender registry and just keep these scum in jail for life.