Judges tosses out craigslist suit against SC

South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster

South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster

Judge nixes suit:

Last year South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster threatened craigslist with prosecution if they did not remove the adult services sections in South Carolina by May 15th. This was done in the wake of the murder of Julissa Brisman. I still think it’s political grandstanding but sometimes the ends justify the means.

Craigslist fired back with a lawsuit against Mr. McMaster saying that his threat of prosecution was a violation of free speech. A federal judge issued a restraing order against Mr. McMasters’s office on behalf of craigslist while the merits of craigslst’s lawsuit against McMaster were considered.

Guess what. They’ve been considered and the same judge who granted the restraining order has thrown out craigslist’s lawsuit saying…

…no one at Craigslist has been charged with a crime and that it was premature to decide whether its activities were exempt from prosecution.

Personally I think McMaster is another clueless politician but if he can make charges stick against craigslist I will tout him as the greatest AG in the country.

McMaster asks for dismissal of craigslist complaint

SC AG asks judge to drop Craigslist lawsuit:

South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster has asked a federal judge to dismiss the complaint filed against him by craigslist.

McMaster had previously threatened craigslist with prosecution for the prostitution ads on their site. Craigslist responded by filing a compliant against McMaster stating that McMatser’s threats violated craigslist’s constitutional rights.

While I don’t have a dog in this fight I’ve still haven’t heard if McMaster is going after backpage or if he’s even aware of their existence. They seem to be gaining on craigslist as be the country’s largest pimp.

Federal judge blocks SC AG from prosecuting craigslist…for now

Judge shields Craigslist from prosecution in South Carolina:

A federal judge has granted a temporary restraining order against the office of South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster from prosecuting craigslist for aiding and abetting prostitution.

Now this has nothing to do with the first amendment. The restraining order was granted while the merits of craigslst’s lawsuit against McMaster.

So while everyone on the craigslist side of things is claiming some kind of victory for free speech in reality it’s just a formality in legal proceedings.

craigslist sues South Carolina AG

CL Sues SC AG For Declaratory Relief:

craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster announced on the official craigslist blog today that he has filed a lawsuit against South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster. Buckmaster claims that McMaster’s threat of prosecution against craigslist is a violation of free speech. Now I’m no fancy lawyerin’ type but I thought that the facilitation of a criminal activity was not a protected form of speech. In my opinion I find that scoundrels usually try to wrap themselves in the first amendment when they’re feet are being held to the legal fire.

Once again Mr. Buckmaster tries to tout the ‘virtues’ of craigslist…

Mr McMaster has persisted with his threats despite the fact that craigslist:

* is operating in full compliance with all applicable laws
* has earned a reputation for being unusually responsive to requests from law enforcement
* has eliminated its “erotic services” category for all US cities
* has adopted screening measures far stricter than those Mr McMaster himself personally endorsed with his signature just 6 months ago
* has far fewer and far tamer adult service ads than many mainstream print and online venues operating in South Carolina
* has made its representatives available to hear Mr McMaster’s concerns in person
* has politely asked Mr McMaster to retract and apologize for his unreasonable threats

Let’s take this one by the numbers.

1. All laws except that pesky prostitution one. Your local laws may vary.

2. They may be unusually responsive to law enforcement but they have to be because of all the crime that their site generates.

3. Erotic services is gone but adult services is now here. It’s barely a change in my opinion.

4. As far as I’m concerned the 40 or so AGs who entered into that agreement were idiots for doing so. They should have gone even further against craigslist but most politicians are clueless idiots who only do feel good legislation to get re-elected. I’m sure this is AG McMaster’s motivation but I think he’s right.

5. Yet most of the arrests for online prostitution come from craigslist. While I’m not a fan of backpage either quit trying to deflect the blame from yourself.

6. While I can’t really comment on this one I wonder how available craigslist really made their representatives to Mr. McMaster.

7. Politely asked for an apology? Apparently Mr. Buckmaster’s idea of polite is far different from mine.

While we’re on the subject of South Carolina and the craigslist blog Mr. Buckmaster keeps touting on the blog about how other online avenues have many more ads for prostitution than craigslist does in South Carolina. Now I’m not accusing Mr. Buckmaster of any improprieties but it would be easy for craigslist to limit the amount of ads in the adult services section of craigslists in South Carolina just to make a point.

Buckmaster pokes the badger


An Apology Is In Order:

craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster just doesn’t know when to quit. On the official craigslist blog Buckmaster is demanding an apology from South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster. McMaster has previously threatened craigslist with criminal prosecution of aidning and abetting prostitution.

Granted that AG McMaster may be using craigslist as a stepping stone to the governor’s office but this really isn’t about prosecution, it’s all about PR.

Lawsuits and prosecutions of craigslist would probably not prove successful. However the fact that they’ve given craigslist bad PR should be obvious to craigslist. But since Mr. Buckmaster is in his Bay Area echo chamber I don’t think he realizes how much the bad press craigslist is getting in other parts of the country is effecting craigslist’s reputation.

Rather than trying to stand on some perceived moral high ground Mr. Buckmaster should be working to try to give craigslist a better image. Instead he’s having a pissing match with law enforcement and politicians.

If you keep poking badgers don’t complain when you lose a finger.

South Carolina AG not impressed by ‘adult services’

SC AG: All sex-related Craigslist postings must go:

Previously I’ve posted about how South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster has given craigslist until the 15th to clear off all illegal ads off their site or face possible prosecution. It seems that Mr. McMaster is not impressed with craigslist’s new ‘adult services’ section.

D-Day is Friday. Ir will be interesting to see what Mr. McMaster will do then. Now we just wait.

South Carolina AG threatens craigslist with prosecution

SC AG threatens Craigslist with prosecution:

South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster has given craigslist an ultimatum. Take down the illegal ads on its site by May 15th or face prosecution. However McMaster’s timing is far from coincidental.

McMaster, whose Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force has arrested more than 150 people suspected of soliciting children for sex over the Internet, cited recent national events as his impetus for going after the company.

I wonder what recent national events he could be referring to? Hmmmm.

Again where were all these AGs when children were being prostituted and human trafficking was occurring?

It will be interesting to see if McMaster actually makes good on his threat or is he just grandstanding so he can get re-elected?

South Carolina AG jumps on craigslist

SC attorney general making Craigslist announcement:

South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster was one of the 40 Attorneys General who entered into the idiotic agreement with craigslist. Since it seems to be the trend now Mr. McMaster is expected to make some kind of announcement about craigslist later today. You know because it’s been in the news lately.

McMaster says Craigslist needs to do more to combat postings that either advertise or solicit prostitution.

Excuse my language but…no shit Sherlock. Where have you been for the past 3 years that I’ve been saying the exact same thing? It wasn’t a hot button issue then until a girl gets killed then all of a sudden everyone is up in arms about it.

I can’t wait to see exactly what kind of pointless announcement he’ll make.