Australian man uses herbal suppliments on daughter instead of doctor

Girl brain damaged after parents refuse medical help:

This is a story about a man from Brisbane in Australia who almost killed his daughter through his devotion to ‘alternative medicine’ and disdain of conventional medicine.

His 11-year-old daughter had a heart infection but rather than taking her to a doctor or hospital he kept giving her Mannatech. Mannatech is actually a corporation that makes herbal supplements.

The father gave his daughter so much herbal supplement that it clogged her mouth. The mother said little about it because she was afraid he would take the child and she wouldn’t be able to see her. I think having a live child is preferable but that’s just me.

Anyway after he finally relented and took his daughter to the hospital after two days she sipped into a coma and wasn’t allowed to return home until after a year. She now has brain damage and is confined to a wheelchair.

The father was sentenced to three years but will be released on parole in six months. The mother was given 12 months and released on parole immediately.

I don’t think the father acted with malice but it allows me to bring up something that really irritates the snot out of me.

There is nothing better than taking your kids to a doctor or hospital when they are gravely ill. Not ‘alternative medicine’ and not prayer. I’m a religious man myself but when my kids would get sick they’d be taken to a medical facility. I’m fairly versed in theology and I really don’t think that Jesus Christ would rather have your kids die then be taken to a doctor. Also in my opinion that herbal supplements are nothing more than a scam.

I don’t know about the rest of the world but in the U.S. herbal supplements are not regulated so you don’t really know what kind of crap is in there besides the supplements and you’re not receiving the same amount of supplement in each tablet or pill.

My point? Take your kids to a doctor dumbass.

Thanks to Evil Brent for the tip.