High Times bales on Village Voice

See what I did there?


High Times Cuts Ties With Voice Over Sex Scandal:

Trans High Corporation, the parent company of High Times Magazine, has officially and publicly cut ties with Village Voice Media over the allegations of human trafficking. They even issued a press release to do it…

“While we remain staunch defenders of the First Amendment and free speech in general,” Trans High Corp spokesperson Rick Cusick says, “We do not in any way condone such activity as has been alleged against Backpage.com, and this includes by advertising in media owned by its parent company.”

How bad do you have to be to get a bunch of people who get stoned for a living to get the motivation to take a stand on something that isn’t pro-legalization?

It seems the stalwarts of morality to take a stand against Village Voice Media and backpage are Goldman Sachs and High Times. This should tell Village Voice Media something but they’ll continue to deny that there is an issue while more women and children are sold through them.