Guy with HIV sold himself on craigslist and backpage

HIV-positive man accused of selling sex, infecting others:

This should be the story on why you shouldn’t use craigslist or backpage for sex whether it be gay or straight.

Police in Seattle have charged 22-year-old Oliberio “Oliver” Moreno with one count of reckless endangerment for prostituting himself on craigslist and backpage while knowing that he was HIV positive. Allegedly he had protected and unprotected sex with some of his customers.

Moreno claims that he started selling himself after his hair salon job wasn’t making him enough money.

Police were tipped off by his partner who started developing AIDS-like symptoms. His partner claims that he had no idea that Moreno was HIV positive or that he was prostituting himself. Who knows how many people this scumbag exposed to or infected with HIV. He could end up being the world’s slowest serial killer.

Moreno can stand for anybody that is selling their body for sex on craigslist and backpage whether willingly or unwillingly. If you use these sites for sex you might as well be playing Russian Roulette with three bullets.

I have HIV. You probably do, too. Have a nice life.

Kevin Sellars

Kevin Sellars

Prosecutors: Houston man knowingly exposed teen to HIV:

HIV Positive Houston Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting Indiana Boy:

HIV-positive Houston man charged in sex assault of Ind. boy:

Texas man charged in Indiana teen’s sex assault:

Police: Man With HIV Had Sex With Ind. Boy:

That smug looking bastard is 49-year-old Kevin Sellars of Houston, Texas. He’s accused of meeting a 15-year-old Indiana boy on MySpace and flying him out to Houston back in December. Once the kid got there Sellars allegedly threatened the boy to perform sex acts on him for 10 days or else he wouldn’t give the kid his return ticket.

After the ‘relationship’ went bad Sellars allegedly sent a message to the boy that said “I have HIV. You probably do, too. Have a nice life.” The message was discovered by the boy’s grandmother who contacted police.

Sellars wasn’t lying. He is in fact HIV Positive. Police also discovered a cache of child porn in Sellar’s possession as well.

He also is said to have not being shy about his pedophile ways as he supposedly posted on his MySpace that he “loves chasing boys” and “enjoys young boys’ company.”

Prosecutors want to put Sellars away for life and have charged him with assault with a deadly weapon since he knew he has HIV. It’s unknown yet whether or not the boy has contracted HIV.

However if prosecutors want to put him away for life why is he only being held on only $35,000 bond?

Secondly what I also noticed what was missing from any of these articles is how was this minor able to leave his home during Christmas week to visit a middle-aged pedophile?

Ga. craigslist rapist has HIV

Police: Craigslist Rapist Has HIV:

DeKalb County police in Georgia have arrested 18-year-old Allen Jamar McDowell of Decatur, Georgia for raping two women that he met through craigslist. The article infers that McDowell is also HIV positive.

Detectives say Allen Jamar McDowell of Decatur convinced two women on separate occasions to meet him at an apartment off Kensington Road. The apartment was vacant, but McDowell allegedly gained access and held the women captive while he sexually assaulted them.

Take away the anonymity of craigslist and I doubt this coward would have even struck.

Police think there may have been more victims.