60 lb. teen found in filthy RV

dballardAuthorities take injured, 60-pound teen from father in St. Bernard Parish:

60-pound teen removed from St. Bernard home:

Father arrested after 60 pound teen found injured in home:

What’s worse than getting evicted from a filthy trailer? How about getting evicted from a filthy RV? At least in a trailer you can take the wheels off. And it’s not like we’re talking about someone who was traveling the country either.

Anyway when police in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana went to serve an RV eviction notice on 30-year-old Daniel Ballard (pictured) they found his 14-year-old son who weighed only 60 pounds (27.2 kg) living in the RV.

The boy hadn’t been to school or a doctor in four years. Ballard allegedly claimed that the boy was being home schooled. More on that later.

The boy, Ballard and the boy’s mother lived in Ohio at one point but when they split Ballard went to Louisiana and the mother went to Arizona,. Then in 2005 the woman put the boy on a plane to go live with Ballard. She says she’s been trying to find the boy for a while.

Anyway about the home schooling thing. I have no problem with people who home school their kids as long as there is actually schooling going on. Too many asscrabs like Ballard use it as an excuse to abuse their kids. Much like the foster parenting program there’s too many scumbags who give the entire concept of it a bad name.

Thanks to Bridget, Lori and Marchelle for the tip.