Homeopath sentenced for not getting daughter help

thesamsBaby Gloria Thomas’s parents Thomas and Manju Sam jailed for not getting proper medical help:

The couple pictured at left are Manju and Thomas Sam of Earlwood, new South Wales, Australia. Mr. Sam was a practicing homeopath, or as I like to call them quacks. Both of the Sams were sentenced to prison terms for failure to get their daughter medical treatment.

Their daughter, Gloria, died from an infection that could have been easily prevented in 2002. The girl had a case eczema that ended up being so bad that all the nutrients in her body went to fighting the eczema and left her severely malnourished. Now I hate to break the image of how sexy you all think I am but I have a slight case of eczema. You know how I treat it? I put some Sarna lotion on it and occasionally take some Benadryl. But I guess that was too many ‘chemicals’ or whatever these Luddites are afraid of to give to their daughter. So rather then getting their daughter medical help they stuck to their brand of quackery. Because I guess it’s better to have a dead daughter than to admit you’re wrong.

It’s jackasses like this that remind me of the people who refuse to get their kids vaccines because of some unfounded fear of autism. Vaccines don’t cause autism. Get your kid vaccinated.

If homeopathy is your bag that’s fine. As long as you temper it with actual medical science. And don’t forsake medicine at the sake of your kids lives.