Two children dead 20 years apart

Court records reveal more on man accused of murdering infant son:

44-year-old Robert W. Long Jr. of Louisville, Kentucky was arrested on January 27th in the death of his infant son, 7-1/2-week-old Lavion Gamble. When Long was arrested he had his son’s body in his SUV. Police are treating the death as a homicide.

This isn’t Long’s first run in with the law on these kind of charges. Long served 15 out of a 35 year sentence for the death of another son, 5 week old Robert Deon Long. In that instance Long the elder claimed he dropped the baby down a flight of stairs while reaching for a light switch and that the baby also fell off the bed four or five times.

The reason that Long was released in 2007 was because…

…the state law in effect in 1991 only required him to serve half his sentence, or 12 years in prison, whichever was less.

Because you know that especially back in the 90s criminals have more rights then the victims.

Thanks to Terri for the tip.