I didn’t know pigs could drive

Lorain police save baby left in car at Super Kmart:

Why is it that when we hear a story about a kid being left in a car it’s almost always in front of a store that ends in Mart. It’s never like Tiffany’s or even Belk’s. Is there something inside the ‘Marts’ that is so damn desirable that sane people don’t know about?

Anyway 32-year-old Danielle Renftle is being investigated by child services after she allegedly left her 1-year-old son in her hot car while she shopped at a Super KMart in Lorain, Ohio. The temp at the time was 92F.

Luckily the child survived but when police git him out of the car EMTs said he had a temperature of 100.

Apparently whatever the Marts have that is so damned irresistible also distorts time. Renftle allegedly said that she was only in the store for a minute while surveillance footage shows she was in there for 14 minutes.

The child is staying with grandparents.

Thanks to Julie for the tip.

Another baby left in a car at WalMart

Authorities say North Port mom left baby in hot car:

24-year-old Kasandra Beekman was arrested for leaving her baby in the car with the windows rolled up and the engine turned off while she was in WalMart in North Point, Florida. The temperature at the time was 90F with a heat index of over 100.

The baby was ok and placed with DCF.

Well, at least she wasn’t shoplifting.

Thanks to pak31 for the tip.

Mom left baby in hot car to shoplift

Mom Accused Of Leaving Baby In Hot Car To Go Shoplifting:

Today’s kids in a hot car story comes to us from the wilds of West Virginia where they can never identify bodies because no has any teeth and they all have the same DNA. (I kid.)

Anyway, in Wierton, WV 23-year-old Elizabeth Marie Lancaster was arrested for leaving her 9-month-old in the car while she went into Wally World. That’s WalMart by the way. The car was running and the windows were down but it was 85F degrees out.

When Lancaster emerged from WalMart she told police she was only in there for a few seconds but police say she was in there for 20 minutes. Police also say that she was in possession of two bags of stolen merchandise from the store.

I wish in these kind of article they would list what she was stealing because I bet there wasn’t much for the kid.

Kids left in hot car while mom shopped at Safeway

Children rescued from sweltering car; mom held:

Liao Sian was arrested in Fremont, California for leaving her kids in a hot car while she shopped at Safeway. Her 2-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son were left in a 107F degree car for 30 minutes with the windows only cracked slightly.

Luckily the kids were treated at the scene and released to a family member.

How stupid are these people that keep continuing to do this. Who doesn’t know that you don’t leave your kids in the car especially in the middle of freakin’ August.

Pa. woman leaves toddlers in hot van

Police: Woman Left Kids In Hot Van:

Police in Manheim Township, Pennsylvania arrested 29-year-old Heather Forrey on charges of endangering the welfare of a child.

Police say she left her 1 and 3-year-old kids in the van while she shopped at WalMart. Did I mention that it was 97F at the time? But she did crack the windows an inch.

Meggan sent me this tip and in her e-mail she said Ignorance strikes again!! and boy she couldn’t be more right.

Who in this day an age of immediate information doesn’t know you can’t leave your kids in a hot car especially in August?

If you can’t take your kids with you into the store then you don’t need to be leaving the house…or trailer…or whatever.

Again I’m dying to know what was so damn important in Wally World that she felt it was more important than her kids.

Florida woman leaves baby in car while she robs house

Cops: Mom left baby in car while she burglarized home:

21-year-old Colleen Sullivan of Tampa, Florida is accused of leaving her 4-month-old son in her car while she burglarized a home. The temperature reached 93F that day and the windows were only partially down. When she was arrested she allegedly told police “Do what you want. I don’t want the baby.”

Here’s a thought. If you don’t want a baby keep your legs closed. It’s just that simple. But I’m guessing that common sense is not her strong suit.

Georgia woman indicted for hot car death

Foster Mother Charged In Death Of Baby Left In Hot Car:

29-year-old Wendy Osborne of Jackson County, Georgia was indicted last week on charges of involuntary manslaughter for leaving her foster daughter in a hot car.

On Sept 2nd the temperature was 85 degrees which led to the death of 9-month-old Jessica Scovil.

Which leads me to ask the question that I’ve asked on other sites but not this one. How does somebody forget a child in a car?